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Can I add extra luggage to my booking?

If you’re travelling on a TUI Airways flight with a TOM or BY flight number

If you decide you'd like to upgrade your allowance or add checked-in luggage to your booking, it's best to do this before you check in. This means you’ll be able to pack those extra holiday outfits and still have room to bring your souvenir shopping back with you. You can do this by visiting Manage My Booking, getting in touch with the store where you've booked or calling us on 0203 451 2688. Prices vary by destination, and it’ll be cheaper to do this before you get to the airport.

If you wait until airport check-in to add a bag to your booking, you’ll be charged the following each way:

Flight Type Add a bag at check in Additional Kilos
Short and Mid Haul (less than seven hours) £55 per 15kg bag £14 per kilo
Long Haul (over seven hours) £75 per 15kg bag £18 per kilo

If you’re not travelling with TUI Airways

You’ll need to go directly to the airline’s website to check your luggage allowance and purchase any upgrades. You’ll find the name of the airline you’re travelling with, the airline’s booking reference, and the website address on your Manage My Booking page, just below your flight details. Make sure you use the airline’s booking reference to log into their website, and not your TUI booking reference.

Can I bring sports equipment into Goa?

Just so you know, If you plan to take sporting equipment eg, golf clubs or surf boards into Manohar International Airport, Goa, heavy customs duty charges will be made on arrival and may delay your onward journey. You may wish to consider hiring in resort.

Can I carry a drone as luggage on a TUI flight?

A drone or “unmanned aerial vehicle” (UAV) can be safely carried on TUI flights provided the following precautions are followed:

- If lithium-ion or lithium polymer batteries are used, the drone can be carried as checked baggage or carry-on baggage, as long as the drone can be protected from inadvertent activation.
- The size and weight limits of checked or carry-on baggage is not exceeded.
- Spare batteries must be protected from short circuit and damage, and can be carried in carry-on baggage only.
- For drones powered by batteries up to 100Wh, prior approval by TUI is not required.  For drones with batteries exceeding 100Wh but not exceeding 160Wh, prior approval by TUI is required.  In this case, please contact us.
- Drones and batteries exceeding 160Wh are forbidden from carriage.

Note: a number of countries have strict guidelines on the use of drones, where some countries do not allow drones to be used at all.  Please check the local regulation of your destination country before you travel.

Can I carry liquids on the flight?

Airport security regulations state that you're only allowed to carry small amounts of liquids in your hand luggage.

Liquids make up part of your 1-bag hand luggage allowance.  You'll need to pack them in containers of no more than 100ml - 3.5fluid Oz and carry them in a clear, resealable plastic bag up to a maximum size of 20cm x 20cm - 8 inches x 8 inches, or that can hold up to 1 litre.  Any liquids in containers bigger than this need to be packed in your checked-in luggage.

How to pack your liquids: 

Make sure the containers fit comfortably in the bag and that the bag is completely closed.  You'll need to ensure the containers are easily visible, too.
You'll need to provide the plastic bag yourself.  At most airports they're also available to buy before you go through security.  Each person travelling - including infants - can carry 1 plastic bag for liquids.

What 'liquids' means:

Examples of liquids that you should pack as above include:

- Water and drinks, soups or syrups
- Creams, lotions and oil
- Perfume
- Sprays
- Gels - including hair and shower gels - Shaving foam, other foams, deodorants and anything in pressurised containers
- Pastes, like toothpaste
- Liquid-solid mixtures
- Mascara
- Any other items that have a similar consistency.

Medical and dietary liquids:

You'll be able to carry medical and dietary liquids over 100ml, but you'll need to bring a doctor's letter to show at security.
Any liquids you buy from duty free must be carried in a sealed security bag - you'll be given this bag when you buy the item at the airport.  You'll need to keep the item and the receipt sealed in the security bag throughout the journey.

Just so you know, security officers might need to open the bag to screen the item.  If you're going to be connecting with another flight at your destination airport, let the security officer know and they'll reseal it in a new security bag.

While UK airports are installing new scanners to prepare for changes in security restrictions, at this time you should still follow current guidelines as not all airports have changed and destination airports still have these restrictions in place for your flight home. Check government hand luggage restrictions at UK airports and at Irish airports for more details about medical and dietary exceptions.

Can I change my seats or add luggage if I've already checked-in online?

Sorry, if you've already checked-in online, you can't make any changes to your seat numbers or luggage allowance online. You'll need to contact us to do this as we'll need to uncheck you and change your seats. You'll then need to check-in again and print your boarding passes.

If you're travelling with TUI, Air Europa, Albastar, ASL Airlines France, ASL Airlines Ireland, Evelop Airlines, Germania, Norwegian, Travel Service or Volotea, please see below. If you're flying with any other airline, you'll need to contact them directly. 
If you haven't travelled yet
Please call us on 020 3636 1435. Just so you know, once you've made the changes, you'll need to print your boarding passes again, so they show the updated details. You'll need to print each boarding pass clearly on an individual piece of A4 paper. 
If you're on holiday and want to make changes for your flight home
Please speak to your Holiday Rep, who'll check availability for you. Just so you know, once you've made the changes, you'll need to print your boarding passes again, so they show the updated details. Alternatively, you can collect the new boarding passes at the TUI bag drop desk when you arrive at the airport. 

To reprint your boarding passes, please visit our Flight Extras website. If you can't print them for any reason, you can collect them from the TUI bag drop desk when you get to the airport. 

If you're flying with any other airline, you'll need to contact them directly.

Can I drop off my luggage the day before I fly?

If your flight has a TOM flight number, your flight time is eligible, and you're flying from Birmingham, Bristol, Gatwick or Manchester, you can check your bags in on the day before you're due to fly. You can save even more time by checking in online beforehand.
We offer day-before check-in at:
-Birmingham Airport
For flight times: before midday
Open between: 2pm and 9pm

-Bristol Airport
For flight times: departing before midday
Open between: 4pm-9pm
-Gatwick Airport – from the North Terminal
For flight times: before midday
Open between: 2pm and 9pm
-Manchester Airport – from Terminal 2
For flight times: departing before midday
Open between: 2pm and 9pm

-East Midlands 
For flight times: departing before midday
Open between: 4pm-9pm*

*It’s free to use the ‘Short Stay 1’ car park at East Midlands airport for day before bag drop - just collect a token on entry and the TUI team will explain how to get your token validated. You’ll need to show your boarding card and have been parked for less than 90 minutes.

Just so you know, this service isn't available for flights to the USA, and P&O Cruises flights.

If you are joining one of our Marella Cruise ships, day before bag drop is available for cruises from Palma, Corfu, Dubrovnik, Las Palmas and Tenerife

IMPORTANT - You will need to bring your passport and documents to use the 'Day-before bag drop' service.

Can I pool our luggage allowance?

For TUI flights, you're allowed to pool your luggage allowance with anyone else travelling on your booking. However, each bag can only weigh up to 25kg.

If you're unsure of your luggage allowance, then you can find this on your booking confirmation or by logging into your Customer Account. Here you may also be able to increase your luggage allowance, you can also do this by calling us on 0203 451 2688. If you're departing in the next 48 hours, you can only add exrtra luggage on the Flight Extras page. 

Just so you know, you will find it much cheaper to book additional luggage in comparison to airport excess luggage charges.

Travelling with another airline?
Please check your e-ticket/confirmation email for details.

Can I take a hoverboard on my TUI flight?

We don't allow the carriage of small vehicles powered by Lithium batteries on our flights. This applies to both hand luggage and hold luggage, as well as cargo. This is due to recent reports highlighting some doubts with regards to the integrity of the electrical wiring within these products.

If you're travelling with a Lithium battery powered wheelchair or mobility aid, please refer to the question "Do I have to do anything to prepare for travel with my wheelchair or mobility aid?"

Can I take a musical instrument on my TUI flight?

Yes - if the instrument you're bringing is smaller than 55x40x20cm you can carry this as hand luggage.

For larger instruments, you'll need to pay a bit extra to check them in as hold luggage.  This can be booked on our Flight Extras website 90 days before your return flight.  We recommend you do this at least two months before you travel as there's limited space.  That said, you can add baggage allowance up to six hours before your outbound flight and 25 hours before your return flight, if there's room.  If you need help with this, please call us on
0203 451 2688

We recommend you mark the instrument as fragile and ask check-in staff to handle with care.

Can I take my wedding dress as hand luggage?

Yes - you can carry your wedding dress as hand luggage, however this will count as your 1 item of hand luggage. This means it needs to meet the hand luggage size and weight limits. You'll need to put it in the overhead locker during the flight. 

To find out the hand luggage size guidelines take a look at "What is my luggage allowance?"

If you're looking for a safe way to carry your wedding dress, we recommend a wedding dress box from the Life Memories Box Company. Please go to to get 10% off your order.

Can I use the Self-service bag drop?

If you've checked in online, your flight has a TOM flight number and you're flying from an eligible airport, you can head straight to the self-service bag drop kiosks when you arrive at the airport.

We offer self-service bag drop at:
-Birmingham Airport
-Bristol Airport
-Cardiff Airport
-Gatwick Airport - from the North Terminal
-Glasgow Airport
-Manchester Airport - from Terminal 2
-Newcastle Airport

Do I get luggage labels?

Your luggage is now electronically tagged when you check-in, so there's no need for luggage tags. 

If you are travelling on one of our Marella Cruises, please see 'What does 'in-bond' luggage mean, and how does it work?'

Do we get extra luggage allowance for our wedding stuff?

If you've booked a wedding with us and you're travelling with TUI, we'll give the bride and groom an extra 5kg hold luggage each. You'll find a letter about this in your confirmation pack, which you need to take with you when you check in.

How many bags can I take on my flight?

TUI flights
If hold baggage is included with your booking, you can take up to 5 bags per passenger, as long as the combined weight of all the bags is within your maximum luggage allowance. It's also worth mentioning that no single bag can weigh more than 25kg.

Flights with other airlines
This varies depending on who you're travelling with. Please check your e-ticket/confirmation email for details.

How much duty-free shopping can I bring into Mexico?

There are limits to the number of duty-free items you can bring into Mexico.
Passengers over the age of 18 may purchase a maximum of 200 cigarettes, 25 cigars or 200g of tobacco, and up to three litres of alcohol. You can spread your purchases between the adult passengers in your group prior to your arrival in Mexico. Make sure that each adult in your group is not carrying more than the allowance for an individual. If you are found to exceed the limit, you will be fined and there is no option to dispose of the goods. 

How much duty free can I bring back?

​The amount of duty-free you can bring back varies depending on where you're going on holiday. Take a look at the Government website for the latest details.

What's my duty-free allowance?

For destinations in Europe please refer to Europe Duty Free Allowance and for all other destinations please check your allowance by individual country. 
Just so you're aware, some destination airports do carry out customs checks on arrival. 

What's my luggage allowance?

If you’ve booked on or after 21st December 2023, all of our packages now include at least 20kg of checked-in luggage when you fly with TUI Airways. If you’ve booked a TUI River Cruises sailing, TUI BLUE, Sensatori by TUI BLUE, Holiday Village, A La Carte package holiday with TUI Airwaysflights, you’ll get 25kg of luggage allowance per person. If you've upgraded to Premium on long-haul flights with TUI Airways, you'll also get 25kg of luggage, regardless of the holiday type. Couples who’ve booked one of our Wedding packages will receive 25kg hold baggage each when flying with TUI Airways. Just so you know, all Marella Cruises and all Marella Cruise & Stay holidays have a 20kg luggage allowance per person.

TUI Airways flights have a TOM or BY flight number - On these flights you’ll also have a 10kg hand luggage allowance with maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm.

If there’s an infant under 2 years old travelling on your package holiday booking, they’ll have a checked-in luggage allowance of 10kg, and we’ll also accept their pushchair and car seat into the hold at no extra cost. You can use the pushchair up until the boarding gate if you’d like to.

If you’re not travelling with TUI Airways, or you’ve booked before 21st December 23, check your booking confirmation e-mail or Manage My Booking to see your checked-in luggage allowance.

Can I add extra luggage to my booking?

What do I do if my luggage is damaged?

We’re sorry if your bag has been damaged during your journey. Please report any damage in the baggage reclaim area and if possible, take photos of any damage on your phone before you leave the airport.

Our local handling agents will give you a Property Irregularity Reference (PIR) number that consists of 5 letters and five numbers e.g. MANBY12345. With this reference you can now go ahead and claim with our baggage replacement specialist team at:

We’ve tried to make the process of logging a claim as straight forward as possible. When logging your claim, you will have the option of uploading images and providing full details of your damaged item. The information you give when logging your claim will enable the team to identify a suitable replacement or repair if it is possible. Once you have registered your damage luggage, you will receive a unique claim reference number for your luggage by email. The team will send you regular updates as the claim progresses, so you know what is happening at each step.

A great feature with the damaged baggage website, is that you can send messages to our baggage specialist team via a live chat function. The live chat is available Monday to Friday, from 0900 to 1700 as is the quickest way to contact our team, alternatively you can contact them by phone on call on 01279 813000 and select option 2. Just so you know, any minor scuffs, dents and cosmetic damage are considered to be part of normal wear and tear and claims of this nature are unfortunately not accepted.

TUI Airways, as with all airlines, is governed by the Montreal Convention, which may impose restricted liability and we cannot accept liability for fragile and valuable items contained within your baggage. We don't want you to experience any further disappointment, so please remember you must report you damaged luggage within 7 days from your return flight. If you travelled on a non-TUI airline please check their website directly for your airlines luggage procedure. 

What do I do if my luggage is lost or delayed?

We’re really sorry, we TUI KnowHow worrying it can be if your bag hasn’t arrived on time, has been damaged or lost – there’s a couple of things you need to do to help get it back to you as quickly as possible.

You'll need to report lost or delayed baggage at the arrival airport by filling out a Property Irregularity Report (PIR). This will start the tracing process to locate your missing or delayed items. Our agents in the baggage collection area will be able to help you with this – they usually have a clearly-signposted baggage information desk.

The first five days of tracing your delayed items will be carried out by our agents at the arrival airport. When making enquiries, please contact the airport where you reported your baggage missing – their contact details can be found on the PIR form you received when reporting the item missing. To speed up their response time, you should quote your PIR number whenever you get in touch. A PIR number is a combination of five letters followed by five numbers, for example MANBY12345, which you’ll also find on the PIR form.

If you’re on holiday speak to your holiday rep or contact our team using the chat function on the TUI app, by calling +442038303111* or by Texting 80247* - they’ll be able to support you with tracing your luggage as well as arranging an allowance for essentials.

*calls from abroad are charged at international rates and texts at your standard network rate

If your bag has been missing for six or more days, please call the TUI Baggage services department on 0333 577 0300* or email them at You can also Live Chat*. Please remember to include your PIR number, all the surnames of your travelling party, your flight number and booking reference in any correspondence. It will help us to trace your luggage if you can tell us what it looks like. Please state the brand, colour, details of stickers or straps on the bag and five unique items in the contents that we could use to identify your baggage – for example GHD straighteners, red wash bag, Nike trainers etc.

Calls from UK landlines cost the standard rate, but calls from mobiles may be higher. Please check with your network provider. *Phones and live chat available 0900-1700 GMT

Making a claim

In the unlikely event that your luggage is not located, you may wish you make a claim.

You can make a claim through your travel insurance provider or through TUI on this website  Just so you know, you can't claim from both your travel insurance provider and the airline. If you're claiming for delayed baggage, you'll need to make your claim in writing within 21 days of the date your baggage was delivered. If you travelled on a non-TUI airline please check their website directly for your airlines luggage procedure.

What happens if my luggage is too heavy when I get to the airport?

If your luggage is heavier than your allowance when you check in, you'll need to pay an excess luggage charge. However, even if you pay the extra charge, each piece of luggage can't weigh more than 25kg.

Excess luggage charges
Short and mid haul flights - £14 or €16 per kilogram.
Long haul flights - £18 or €21 or $25 per kilogram

Just so you know, charges may vary depending on whether you're travelling in the summer or winter season.

Flights with other airlines
You'll need to pay an excess luggage charge if your luggage is heavier than your allowance when you check-in. Each airline also has a restriction on how heavy each piece of luggage can be, and some airlines will only allow 1 piece of hold luggage per person. Please check directly with the airline for details.​


What is my luggage allowance for Sports or diving equipment?

Excess Luggage and Sports Equipment - There may be a charge for excess luggage and sports equipment. Whether or not we can carry it will depend on capacity on the day. You can arrange to take golf clubs, windsurf boards, diving equipment and other sports equipment on your flight. If you don't book, you may still be able to check your own equipment in, but we can't guarantee this and there'll be a charge. Bear in mind, any problems with excess luggage charges need to be sorted out at the airport. We can't guarantee you'll be able to take bulky sports equipment with you on the coach to your holiday accommodation, and there may be an extra charge,

In order to book these, give us a call on 0208 451 2688. We recommend that you book this as soon as possible as space on each flight is very limited. 

Below, you'll find the price per one way flight for different equipment types:
- Diving & scuba equipment from £30
- Bikes from £30
- Fishing rods from £20
- Golf clubs & other equipment from £27
- Surf boards from £30

Just so you know, prices may vary depending on your destination. Some countries impose customs charges for the import of high value items e.g. sports equipment, please ensure you check this with the relevant authorities before you travel. If you plan to take sporting equipment eg, golf clubs or surf boards into Manohar International Airport, Goa, heavy customs duty charges will be made on arrival and may delay your onward journey. You may wish to consider hiring in resort.

Ski/Snowboards - 

You can buy ski and snowboard carriage on the Flight Extras website. It's sold per set of skis or snowboard (not per bag) – one set of skis or one snowboard in one bag costs £50 and the maximum weight is 15kg. To take two sets of skis or two snowboards in one bag, you must buy two lots of ski or snowboard carriage at £50 each and the total maximum weight is 23kg.

You can also pack clothes in the bag, as long as it doesn't go over the weight limit.

Ski/snowboard boots aren’t included in ski or snowboard carriage – these are part of your normal baggage allowance and must be checked into the hold.

Please note, you can’t bring your skis or snowboard instead of your checked baggage – you must book separate ski or snowboard carriage, even if you’re not bringing any checked baggage.

You can use one of the larger wheelie bags by paying the £50 ski or snowboard carriage charge, with a checked baggage allowance of 23kg total. If you choose this option, you can't take any other checked baggage.

Protecting your Sports Equipment
We recommend that you insure your sports equipment for its replacement value and make sure it's securely packed with zip compartments padlocked. If you're taking a bicycle, we recommend you use a bicycle bag. Handlebars must be turned inwards, pedals removed, tyres deflated and the bicycle must be wrapped in plastic or cardboard.

Diving Equipment and Licenses
If you're travelling with TUI, carrying diving equipment and you show your diving certificate at check-in, we'll give you an extra 5kg luggage allowance free. If you've got more equipment, you can check it in for an extra charge.

What things can't I take in my hand luggage and my hold luggage?

Please read through the information on our  List of allowed items page.  Here you'll find a list of items that can be carried in your hand luggage and hold luggage. 

For a list of restricted items, please read through our luggage guidelines page.

Travelling to the US?
New measures came into effect on 30th June 2018 meaning that you may be subject to security searches at the boarding gate on any flight to and from the USA. Also, you'll only be allowed to carry powder substances in your hand luggage in quantities less than 12oz or 350ml - there are exemptions to this such as medically prescribed powders with a supporting doctor's note, baby formula and cremated ashes. All other powder-like substances need to be in your checked in hold luggage.
These regulations also apply on flights from Jamaica - Montego Bay Airport - and Dominican Republic - Puerta Plata and Punta Cana - as these flights fly over the USA.

What time do I need to drop of my luggage for my TUI flight?

UK Airports

At UK airports, Bag Drop desks open two to three hours before your departure time.  If you're taking a long haul flight, we recommend you drop off your bags three hours before your flight leaves.
Only one person from your party is required to drop off the bags, provided all passengers are travelling on the same booking reference.  Just one of you needs to bring all printed boarding passes, passports and luggage to the Bag Drop desk, and then you can all go straight to the departure gates together with your tickets and boarding passes.

Resort Airports

Check-in desks at resort airports usually open two hours before departure.

Bag drop desk closing times

At both UK airports and resort airports, desks usually close 45 minutes before departure, so make sure you've checked in at least an hour before you're due to fly.

Checking in with other airlines

Recommended check-in times vary depending on which airline you're travelling with, so make sure you check your tickets/confirmation email for details on when you need to check-in and arrive at the boarding gate. 

Arriving any earlier than this won’t mean you can check in or pass through security early.

When's the latest that I can add baggage to my holiday or flight booking?

If you're flying on TUI Airways it's best to do this before you check in, check in closes 6 hours before your flight departs.

Sorry, if you've already checked-in online, you can't make any changes to your seat numbers or luggage allowance online. You'll need to contact us to do this as we'll need to uncheck you and change your seats. You'll then need to check-in again and print your boarding passes.

Why can't I add extra luggage when I'm checking in online?

TUI flights
This may be because you've already added the maximum luggage allowance available for each passenger. You can usually add baggage up to a maximum of 30kg per person, although this can vary by destination.
How to find out whether you can add more luggage
You can find out whether you can add more luggage on the Extras page, where you'll see the allowance that's currently included for each passenger on your booking. If extra luggage is available, you'll see a dropdown menu showing the extra amounts you can add. If the menu is empty though, you've already reached the maximum amount.

Flying with other airlines:

If flying with the below airlines this may be because you've already added the maximum luggage allowance available for each passenger.

Air Europa, Albastar, ASL Airlines France, ASL Airlines Ireland, Evelop Airlines, Germania, Norwegian, Travel Service and Volotea.

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