Where we sail in Slovakia

    Mountain landscapes, trendy cities and vast national parks are the highlights of river cruises to Slovakia. The Danube river makes a cameo in the country’s south-eastern area, before flowing into neighbouring Hungary. Its Slovakian journey takes it through the capital, Bratislava. This place has cemented a spot among Europe’s roster of most on-trend cities, with weekender breaks becoming more and more popular.

    Bratislava in the spotlight

    But river cruises let you see Slovakia’s capital from a different angle. The lively centre’s split in half by the Danube, so you’ll see all of the waterfront highlights as you sail in to port. Eye terracotta-topped townhouses in the old quarter, or pace the easy-to-follow Coronation Route, which weaves between the sightseeing best bits. Venture underground, into the catacombs below St Martin’s Cathedral, or go up high to Bratislava Castle, which offers the best panoramas of the city skyline. Further afield, the hiking trails of the rural Male Karpaty mountain range are within daytripping distance of the city.


    Bratislava river cruises land you right in the city centre, so it’s really easy to fill your day with its sightseeing locations. Getting around on foot is one of the best ways to do it, and following a guide means you won’t miss out on signature spots, like multi-coloured churches, fortresses and the iconic UFO bridge, which looks a lot like an extra-terrestrial visitor. Train tours are on the cards, too, and save on the step count if you’re after something less taxing. For something with a more traditional undertone, visits to real-life Slovakian homes offer a window into day-to-day life.

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