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Can I take my pet with me?

TUI flights

You can ask for your pet to be carried on most TUI flights, however we recommend you check before booking your flight due to restrictions in certain countries. Get in touch with our Cargo Department on 0208 757 4732, or email pets@ecsgroup.aero to check a particular flight can accommodate your pet or to book. Calls from UK landlines cost the standard rate, but calls from mobiles may be higher. Check with your network provider.

Travel to Europe now requires the need a health certificate if the pet does not hold a passport issued by an EU state country. For further afield an export health certificate and an import permit is required for most countries, your vet should be able to confirm this .

How your pet will travel
Your pet can usually go on the same flight as you. All pets flying with TUI, travel in the hold as cargo and not in the passenger cabin to or from the UK. The hold is pressurised and at the same temperature as the passenger cabin.. 

Travel boxes must be fitted with a water bowl that is the correct size for your pet to get to. The water and a funnel needs to be fitted to the outside of the container so water can be added prior to departure. We recommend that you do not feed your pet 6 hours prior to departure and take them for a good walk prior to check in at cargo, as once you place your pet in the container it will remain there until your collect at your destination airport.

You are not allowed to medically sedate your pet prior to travel due to the pressurisation of the hold, though herbal calmers can be used or calming sprays can be sprayed in the container.
Flights with other airlines

If you're travelling with another airline, their policy may be different. Contact us before you book so we can check for you.

How do I book cargo on a flight?

To book cargo on a TUI flight, call our Cargo Department on 0208 757 4730 or email ukreservations@ecsgroup.aero. Calls from UK landlines cost the standard rate, but calls from mobiles may be higher. Check with your network provider.

Your cargo can usually be carried on the same flight as you - but it depends which route you're travelling on and whether we've got space.

Types of cargo we can take
You can book lots of different types of cargo on TUI flights, from sports equipment to live animals. However, there are restrictions on what we can carry - including dangerous goods that are a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. Any item we carry needs to meet IATA regulations.

Give our Cargo Department a call for more details.

For more information please take a look at our Flight Conditions of Carriage. 

Flight with TUI operated by Norwegian
If you're on a TUI flight operated by Norwegian, unfortunately you will not be able to travel with cargo. Please contact us to discuss alternatives.

Flying with another airline?
Please check directly with the airline you're flying with for details.

I've missed my outward flight and I'll now be making my own way on another flight. Can I still use my return flight?

Yes - you'll still be able to use your return flight if you need it. However, you'll need to contact us so we can let our resort team know.

If you are Flying with a Non-TUI Airline, e.g. British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, etc. please be aware that missing your outward flight may invalidate your return flight or that a fine may be levied by the airline. We recommend calling the airline directly ahead of time to confirm their policy.

I've received a text message saying my flight's delayed - where can I find out the latest information?

If we know in advance that you're flight's going to be delayed, we'll send you a text so that you can check in three hours before the revised flight time. 

If you receive one of these texts, we'd recommend you keep an eye on our Travel Alerts page where you'll find details about your flight. 

If you're already on your way to the airport, you'll still be able to check in as originally planned. When you arrive at the airport, please listen out for any announcements and keep and eye on the departure boards. Our airport staff will be on hand to make sure you're well looked-after. 

What's the Montreal Convention and how does it affect me?

The Montreal Convention is officially known as the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air (1999). It governs all air carriers and imposes limits on liability with regards to accidents, damages, delays or loss of property.

You'll find more information about the Montreal Convention in our booking conditions, under TUI Airways Flights and the section 'Air carrier liability for passengers and their baggage'. 

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

At TUI, we always do our very best to make sure your flight is on time, and we're regularly one of the top performing airlines in the UK.  That said, sometimes things do go wrong, and in these cases, we'll try to make sure any disruption to your journey is kept to a minimum.

To see if your flight is delayed please check the most up-to-date information on our Flight Departures page.  Please check in normal unless you've been notified otherwise. 
If you're denied boarding, or your flight is cancelled or delayed for at least 3 hours, please speak to staff at the check-in desk or boarding gate to see information that states what your rights are when it comes to things like compensation or assistance.

Flying with other airlines
If, for any reason your flight is changed significantly by the airline before the day of travel, we’ll notify you and work with them to find a suitable alternative. If no alternatives are available, you’re entitled to a refund.
If your flight’s cancelled within 24 hours of travel, the airline will look for an alternative flight for you – you can usually accept this through Manage Bookings on the airline’s website, if this is acceptable to you. Alternatively, we’ll look for a suitable alternative on TUI Airways. If no alternatives are available, you’re entitled to a refund.
If your flight’s delayed, depending on the length of the delay, the airline will provide refreshment vouchers for you to use at the airport. If the delay is to your outbound flight, we’ll automatically rearrange any transfers that are included in your package holiday and notify your hotel of your expected arrival time.

When will my flight details be available on the TUI App?

You'll be able to see your flight details on the TUI App six weeks before you travel.  When they're ready, they'll be shown on the Holiday Summary and Flight Details pages.

Where can I find live flight information for TUI flights?

Check out our Departures and Arrivals pages for the latest information.

Where can I find out the latest travel updates for my holiday?

Please take a look at our travel information page for the latest updates.

If you are flying with another airline, we recommend you download your airline's App to keep up with the latest travel information.

Which terminal am I flying from?

If you're flying from Gatwick Airport, you'll need to go to the North Terminal for TUI flights - flight prefix TOM - and the South Terminal for TUI flights operated by Titan Airways and Ascend - flight prefix BY.

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