TUI shows how savvy travellers can travel like Bond for less

    • James Bond has a licence to spend, forking out up to £32,000 per exotic break
    • Bond splashes out on average £17,000 on travel, over £1,000 on food and drink and £1409 on one night’s hotel accommodation – proving he’s Dr. No-budget
    • Bond has travelled up to 37,000 miles for one trip alone
    • Savvy Brits could travel like Bond with TUI for 90% less in one tri


    February 2020: He might be a top secret agent, but Bond’s skills as a travel agent leave something to be desired. With the films spanning almost six decades, Bond has clocked plenty of air miles and travel expenses but leading holiday company TUI is on-hand to prove that Brits can travel in style like 007, for a fraction of the price.

    In depth research commissioned by TUI, of the five most popular James Bond films, found that Daniel Craig’s take on 007 is the biggest spender of all the James Bonds, clocking up a mammoth travel bill of more than £30,000 in just one movie! Forget 00’s you’ll need 000’s to travel like bond as Ian Fleming’s latest secret agent shelled out an estimated £31,507 on travel, accommodation and food on his escapades to Mexico, Italy and Austria during and the 2015 hit film Spectre.

    During Craig’s trip to Mexico alone he spent £12,180 in total – whereas savvy brits can bag a bargain 7-night all-inclusive trip to the destination with TUI for just 10% of the cost.

    Craig’s hefty vacation bills forced Pierce Brosnan into second place spending £24,701 on his trips in Die Another Day and Roger Moore into third place spending £21,986 in Man with the Golden Gun. In comparison, Sean Connery’s original James Bond was rather thrifty during his trips spending just shy of £10,500 in his character’s 1962 debut movie, Dr No. Good news for Bond fans, they can follow in their favourite 007’s footsteps without breaking the bank! With the rise of All Inclusive, Brits can enjoy excellent value holidays in style at four and five star resorts these days. TUI can transport wannabe Bonds to the beaches of Jamaica like Connery for £1100pp at the 5T Platinum Royalton Negril Resort and Spa , explore exotic Thailand like Roger Moore for £1011pp at the stunning 4T TUI Blue Mai Khao Lak and discover the frozen landscapes of Iceland like Brosnan at the 4T Exeter Hotel for just £961 per person.

    One thing all the Bonds do have in common is their fondness of a holiday tipple – racking up £3557.78 in total on martinis and champagne. In his adventures during Spectre, Craig splashes out approx. £800 on a single bottle of Champagne, which could have covered return flights to Mexico – a far cry from the non-alcoholic beers we expect bond to consume in the upcoming new movie. Roger Moore however spent the most on his bar tab (£1077.13) during his escapades in Man with the Golden Gun.

    Although he may be a big travel spender, when it comes to sheer distance, Craig’s Bond is beaten by Brosnan, who covered more than 37,000 miles during his adventure through North Korea, Cuba and Iceland in Die Another Day – the equivalent distance between London and Dublin (280 miles) in every minute of the film. Moore covered just under 13,000 miles, primarily through Asia, In The Man with the Golden Gun, whilst Connery travelled almost 10,000 miles during Dr No, exploring mostly Jamaica. George Lazenby managed the least distance, with his journeys into the Swiss Alps for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, creating a total travel of just 6,000 miles.

    When it comes to air travel cost however, it seems all 007s forgot to check for flight deals with £63,439.14 being spent by all Bonds on plane tickets alone and £2671.41 being spent on transfers from their hotels to their next destination.

    The iconic Bond franchise has traversed almost the entire globe, but despite 24 movie adventures and more than 50 years on the go, it doesn’t look like Bond’s taste for global travel is going to diminish any time soon. No Time to Die, which lands in British cinemas in April, filmed in Jamaica, Italy, Norway and even the Faroe Islands – certainly covering enough miles to burn a hole in MI6’s finances.


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