Weddings in Turkey

With a stretch of more than 8,000 kilometres of beach, and shores on the edge of four different seas, Turkey counts its coastline as one of its best features. Our wedding venues spread themselves out along the country’s photo-ready shores, from Izmir in the west to the areas of Dalaman and Antalya on its southwest stretch.


Dalaman delivers on world-class beaches in spade loads – the town of Fethiye alone is famous for its silk-soft sands and buzzing old town. Meanwhile, over in slowed-down Sarigerme a seven-kilometre stretch of sandy beaches are a big hit for wedding parties with mini wedding guests in toe.


Antalya forms part of Turkey’s southwest coastal stretch known as the Turkish Riviera. It gets its name thanks to the turquoise waters that sit on its shores and the pretty villages and towns that pepper the land close by. The coast stretches for more than 400 miles, giving you plenty of room to take some time for two after the big day.


Turkey’s third-largest city cosies up to the Aegean Sea on Turkey’s west coast. The town of Kusadasi’s the big name when it comes to holidays here – it’s got more beaches than days of the week and an old town that’s struck a perfect blend between old and new. Ephesus is well worth a visit, too – this ancient city’s only a 30-minute drive away.

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