• Summer flying kicks off with onboard sales trends revealed
    • Brits drink enough team onboard TUI Airways flights to fill nearly 1000 bathtubs
    • ‘Where does the UK holiday?’ tool launched

    18th July 2019 – Across the UK, TUI Airways’ summer holiday flights are taking off with excited customers travelling on their holidays. Over the next six weeks, nearly two million customers will enjoy TUI holidays and to mark the occasion, TUI Airways is revealing the nation’s favourites on board treats, tipples and holiday destinations.

    The nation loves nothing more than a cuppa so it’s no surprise to see that English Breakfast Tea is the most popular drink across all of TUI Airways’ 22 UK bases. In fact, figures show that the nation drinks more than double the amount of traditional brews than it does Diet Coke and more than five times the number of the increasingly trendy Green Tea. Over the entire summer period, TUI Airways customers will drink enough English Breakfast Tea to fill 920 bath tubs!

    The resounding favourite alcoholic drink across the nation is a beer. Scotland’s next tipple of choice is a Vodka and Diet Coke, whilst Londoners prefer a Pink Gin and Tonic.

    And when it comes to food, TUI Airways has proved that the humble Ham and Cheese Toastee is everyone’s favourite, with customers eating enough over the summer period to feed Wembley Stadium twice! The most popular snack is Sour Cream and Chive flavour Pringles, which are air-miles ahead of the traditional flavour. If every Pringles tube TUI Airways sells over summer was to be lined up, they would cover the same distance as 660 Boeing Dreamliner Wing spans, or the length of the London marathon!

    As well as the nation’s favourite on board snacks, TUI has also launched a brand new online tool called ‘Where Does the UK Holiday?’ that reveals where the nation loves to holiday the most. The tool analyses 1000s of holiday bookings and lists the most likely and least likely places that holidaymakers visit depending on where they live in the UK. People from Birmingham are more likely to go on holiday to Barbados, whereas people from Leeds are least likely to visit this destination and people from Bristol are most likely to go on a long haul holiday.

    Dawn Wilson, Managing Director at TUI Airways, said:

    “We’re really excited to welcome customers on board to jet off on their summer holidays. We have over 300 new cabin crew taking to the skies this summer across our UK bases ready to provide exceptional customer service and ensure that our customers’ holidays start the moment they step on board.  It’s important for us to know what our customers enjoy once on board and it was quite enlightening to learn that it’s a good old-fashioned cup of tea that leads the way!

    “For those who are still deciding where to holiday and in need of a little inspiration, our great new online tool will help them to see where customers are booking their holidays, giving plenty of ideas for a last minute summer break.”