• Leading holiday brand Thomson marks the last two weeks of the school holidays with a list of 10 weird and wonderful things you can learn in two weeks
    • Comes following launch of its TUI Family Life swim schools which guarantees to teach children to swim within two weeks*

    22 August 2017 – Thomson today reveals that it has already taught more than 2,300 children to swim this summer since the launch of its new swim schools at 13 of its TUI Family Life resorts across the Mediterranean and Canary Islands. With its new programme’s two week learn to swim guarantee*, the leading holiday brand is reminding everyone that with two weeks left of the summer holidays there’s still plenty of things you can learn in just 14 days, including this life saving skill.

    Thomson’s top 10 things to learn in two weeks:

    1. Learn the lyrics to Despacito

    Be able to belt out the world’s most streamed song and this summer’s anthem by Daddy Yankee, Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber without saying Dorito.

    1. Learn to swim

    TUI Family Life launched swim schools at 13 of its resorts this summer and the TUI Family Life team are so sure that children can learn to swim in two weeks they are giving a ‘two week guarantee’ stating that children attending 10 sessions over the two weeks will go home able to swim*. The perfect starting place for any inspired children wanting to follow in the footsteps of record breaking Adam Peaty.

    1. Learn the words to every episode of Friends

    There are 236 Friends episodes, so including a solid 8 hours of sleep each evening you could watch 584 episodes over 14 days – that’s every episode twice and 112 of your favourites a third time.

    1. Perfect the Thriller Dance

    Master the moves to be able to perform the most famous dance of all time and wow your friends as you slide across any dance floor without looking like Ed Balls.

    1. Learn to ride a bicycle

    A skill that tends to be learnt around the age of five but certainly doable for any late bloomers over a two week period with the assistance of some stabilizers.

    1. Learn to parallel park

    Perfect the careful art of parallel parking to avoid any forehead perspiration in the unfortunate situation that you have to parallel park with a queue of unsympathetic drivers behind you.

    1. Learn to tango

    Ahead of the nation’s favourite celebrity dancing show hitting our screens again you and a partner can waltz, rumba and salsa your way to a 10 in two weeks.

    1. Master basic phrases of a foreign language

    To avoid sounding like Chris from Love Island trying to order some garlic at the supermarket you could learn the basic phrases that will get you through your holiday without causing any confusion.

    1. Learn to cook a three course meal

    In preparation for your Come Dine with me application you can perfect your chosen menu to make sure you’re voted the top dinner party host.

    1. Learn how to knit

    Join the likes of Kate Middleton, Kristen Stewart and Ryan Gosling, with this hipster hobby that could save you money on scarf purchases and it’s a great way to make new friends too by joining a knit and natter group.

    Rebecca Adlington OBE officially launched the holiday swim schools at the TUI Family Life Bellevue Resort in Croatia at the start of the summer holidays, surprising guests with a special appearance as a Swim Coach. When speaking about the new initiative and its two week guarantee she said:

    “I was three years old and on holiday in Spain with my family when I learnt to swim. I saw my sisters having fun in the pool, so I just ran towards the water and jumped straight in – without my arm bands! So that’s how it all started.

    “For a child who’s not scared of the water, they can absolutely go from only being able to swim with armbands to swimming without them in the space of a two week holiday. Learning to swim on holiday is just so much easier, there are no time constraints, it’s in a fun relaxed environment, and you really see their confidence grow – it’s also the perfect way to make memories.”

    Thomson’s TUI Family Life swim schools are run by professional coaches.  The swim sessions are 45 minutes long with two age groups to cater for younger beginners aged between four and seven years and slightly older children with some basic skills aged seven to nine. To find out more go to www.thomson.co.uk/swim-school.

    Thomson will continue offering swim schools across 13 of its TUI Family Life resorts until the end of the school holidays.

    * two week guarantee states children with no ability who attend swim school daily over a two week period, attending 10 full sessions, will leave with the ability to swim 10m