26 October 2016 – New survey asks children what they really want when on a flight

    Kids polled on their biggest gripes when it comes to flying, with being bored as one of the biggest bugbears

    Most parents will tell you that keeping kids entertained on the plane is not an easy job, even with gadgets now at their disposal, but what if kids could design their own inflight experience guaranteed to keep them happy and occupied on even the longest of flights?

    A survey by the UK’s third largest airline, Thomson Airways, asked children what their top gripes are when it comes to flying, with being stuck in their seat, being bored, and their ears hurting on the plane topping the list.

    More than 40% simply want unlimited chocolate and sweets, with the same amount requesting free toys, while around one in ten said they would love the cabin crew to be dressed in fancy dress. But some have much loftier ideas such as an arts and crafts area (26%), a soft play area (24%), a slide inside the plane (18%), a football pitch (10%), a dress up or make up room (9%), or a skate park (7%).

    Other ideas included a library, a swimming pool, being able to float like a spaceman or having unlimited milkshakes!

    There were also some interesting answers when children were asked about the science behind how a plane stays in the air. Many children stated that it was down to magic and fairy dust or gravity, while others simply said you put petrol in the plane and start the engine and the pilot drives it, or it goes really fast and the wind makes it go up in the air.

    Claire Richards, singer and presenter, said: “There’s nothing my family loves more than going on holiday – it’s a chance for us to have real quality time together, however the journey there can be a whole different story. Keeping the kids entertained is a real task, especially on a long-haul flight and so it’s really interesting to see what it is children would introduce if they could.”

    Thomson Airways is launching its #NameOurPlane competition for four to 11 year olds to name the brand new state-of-the-art Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner – and tell the airline how it can make the plane even better for kids. The chosen child ambassador will name the new aircraft and win a family holiday to Thomson’s Sensatori Resort Mexico. The airline will also be looking to trial some of the winner’s suggestions on how to make the aircraft even better for children.


    To enter the Name Our Plane 2016 competition, a parent or guardian needs to visit the Name Our Plane website at www.nameourplane.com and submit a 30 second video of their child answering two questions:

    • What would you call an extra comfy, extra-long plane?
    • How would you make a plane better for kids?

    Competition runs from 09:00 on Friday 21st October 2016 until 23:59 on Monday 7th November 2016.

    Kids’ top 10 child-friendly innovations 

    1. More films and video game to choose from
    2. Unlimited chocolate and sweets
    3. Free toys
    4. Arts and crafts area
    5. A soft play area
    6. A slide inside the plane
    7. A football pitch
    8. Cabin crew in fancy dress
    9. A dress up/make-up room
    10. A skate park




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