Millions of Brits are topping up their travels through family & friends’ posts on Facebook, according to new research from All-Inclusive travel company, First Choice

    • Four in 10 UK adults admit they are ‘social tourists’, exploring an average of 14 destinations per year, but in reality have visited nine countries in their lifetime
    • Three in 10 people said social media is their biggest influence when choosing their next holiday destination, with a fifth surfing the likes of Facebook purely for travel inspiration
    • Almost a fifth of people admit they posted photos on their social feeds whilst on holiday, with the sole aim of fuelling their family and friends’ ‘FOMO’
    • The amount of film footage we are now capturing when on holiday has doubled in the past 5 years, however the UKs budding film makers are failing to edit or share moving image memories
    • New York is the most popular destination shared on social media (42%) with only 29% of Brits having actually visited the city

    30 May 2017 – With the rise of Instagram’s photo sharing culture, four in 10 UK adults admit they are ‘social tourists’ – exploring  an average of 14 new countries each year, thanks to the social media feeds of family and friends. Two thirds of UK adults also admit that they have been inspired to travel more widely after seeing and reading about destinations on Facebook and Twitter.

    Research conducted by all-inclusive holiday company, First Choice revealed that the average Brit takes 85 photos when on holiday, a 38 per cent increase on the 62 snaps taken five years ago. Almost a fifth of people admit they have posted photos when on holiday with the sole purpose of inciting ‘FOMO’ and making family and friends jealous.

    The rise of Snapchat and Instagram stories has meant we are a nation of aspiring movie directors – the average holidaymaker now captures nearly 40 minutes of holiday footage, which is almost double the amount of film we were shooting 5 years ago.

    However, despite our love of capturing memories on film, nearly three quarters of people questioned confessed to never sharing footage, leaving this unloved and unwatched on cameras and smartphones.

    Surprisingly, Brits share city landmarks over sunny beaches, with New York voted the top destination shared on social media (42%) however only 29% of Brits have actually visited the city. The Eiffel Tower is the most photographed landmark, closely followed by the Statue of Liberty and Disneyland in Florida.

    Jeremy Ellis, Marketing and Customer Experience Director for First Choice said: “For many of us, social media has made the world a little smaller – inspiring us to visit destinations we might not otherwise have considered, and encouraging us to share our holidays with family and friends too.

    “It’s clear to see that we love capturing memories on holiday, but are still a little shy when it comes to sharing with our family and friends. Whilst technology has made it easier to capture content, taking the time to edit footage is still a barrier to the perfect holiday film. First Choice want to inspire holidaymakers to make the most of their footage, and have created www.all-in-productions.co.uk to share tips and tricks from experts.”

    Earlier this year, First Choice received a heart-warming letter from 10 year old, Beth Ward telling them all about the holiday film she’d made. They decided to turn her big screen film ambitions into a reality by calling upon the help of actor, producer and TV mentor Martin Kemp, to help add some movie magic to the film and take it from Beth’s YouTube channel to the box office.

    To help the UK transform their memories, First Choice is now offering four lucky filmmakers the chance to have their movie professionally edited and premiered on the big screen at Vue. Families can upload their footage at www.all-in-productions.co.uk

    The top 10 destinations posted on social media

    1. New York (42 per cent)
    2. Spain (40 per cent)
    3. France (39 per cent)
    4. Florida (39 per cent)
    5. Canary Islands (34 per cent)
    6. Italy (34 per cent)
    7. Greece (31 per cent)
    8. Las Vegas (27 per cent)
    9. Thailand (25 per cent)
    10. Cyprus ( 25 per cent)

    The top 10 landmarks posted on social media

    1. Eiffel Tower (55 per cent)
    2. Statue of Liberty (45 per cent)
    3. Disneyland (37 per cent)
    4. Disneyland Paris (32 per cent)
    5. Las Vegas (30 per cent)
    6. Empire State Building (29 per cent)
    7. Leaning Tower of Pisa (25 per cent)
    8. Times Square (25 per cent)
    9. The Colosseum (24 per cent)
    10. The Grand Canyon (22 per cent)


    *Survey of 2,000 adults conducted by OnePoll for First Choice in May 2017.

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