Holidays often signal a period of inactivity, however Frankie and Wayne Bridge believe that taking a break doesn’t have to mean being sedentary.

    The celebrity couple took to the high seas with Marella Cruises to get their bodies and minds in ship shape, creating a film at www.marellabyu.co.uk  documenting their wellness adventures on-board and ashore.

    From kayaking through the Norwegian Fjords, braving climbing walls to couple’s workouts, Frankie and Wayne Bridge show there’s something ‘fjord’ everyone with their Marella By U itinerary.

    Leading mindfulness psychologist reveals how cruising has become the perfect way for holidaymakers to kick start or maintain a health and wellness regime – providing insights and tips


    3 July 2018 – This summer, celebrity couple, Frankie and Wayne Bridge teamed up with Marella Cruises to get their bodies and minds in ship shape – discovering the diversity and ease of keeping fit and healthy on holiday.

    Known as health and fitness fanatics who champion wellbeing, Frankie and Wayne Bridge were challenged by Marella Cruises to create their own Marella By U Itinerary – designed to kick start health and wellness regimes of any level. In a film released today, [INSERT LINK] the celebrity couple reveal their itinerary adventures, both on-board and ashore the Wonders of the Fjords cruise.

    The film also offers insights from leading psychology expert Hope Bastine, who shares her top tips on how each itinerary element can help get your body and mind in ship shape:


    1. Take to the water: Couple’s Kayaking

    The couple first took part in a picturesque kayaking excursion against the breathtaking backdrop of the stunning Geirangerfjord.


    Hope’s Tips

    If you need to melt your stress, there’s no better way than getting to the water. Research shows that even just looking out to a flowing river or sea waves releases stress-busting neurotransmitters – dopamine and serotonin – that banish cortisol to the depths of the sea.  Not only that but splashing waves unlock the “cuddle” hormone – Oxytocin – making us feel all is right with the world.

    Even the sound of water, be it a babbling brook, a tumbling waterfall, or the rhythmic waves of the open ocean lightens the load of a stress-based life. Research has found that when couples swim or play in the water together, it cements the bond between them owing to a spike in Oxytocin.


    1. Exercise as a Couple

    Frankie and Wayne took to the deck of the ship, putting each other through their paces with an outdoors couples workout.

    Hope’s Tips

    Exercising with your partner is a proven way to get more out of your workout because of the emotional support and motivation from a little healthy competitiveness. Furthermore, a workout releases feel-good endorphins – like dopamine – that invigorate you and lead to heightened intimacy. There are also non-verbal cues that can create an invisible bond between you. From an emotional perspective, spotting each other on the bench-press establishes a sense of support; we also mentally and emotionally harmonise when we align, synchronize, and mirror our movements.

    Build the bond between you by tossing the medicine ball to each other, lifting weights in time together, or synchronize your running pace.


    1. Try New Experiences: Climb Together

    Positioned on the open deck of the ship with idyllic panoramic views, the adventurers took turns spotting each other to reach the top of the wall, where they were able to look out at the luscious scenery of the phenomenal Fjords.

    Hope’s Tips

    The novelty of travelling the world is a great way to escape the stresses and commitments of ordinary life, as it changes sights, sounds, and experiences. Changing your environment is an effective way to shift your perspective and add meaning to the hum-drum life. New cultures open our minds to the wonderful variety that life has to offer -and in doing so – hacks creative thinking.

    The enemy of creativity is boredom so be sure to shake things up, immerse and engage with the local environment and be curious about everything you’re seeing. Have fun and don’t be afraid to tap into your inner child.


    1. Fuel your relationship: Tank up on feel-good, fresh food

    Frankie and Wayne understand that wellness means more than just workouts and as a former professional footballer and a singing and dancing sensation – the couple like to look after themselves by eating feel-good, fresh food which works wonders for both body and mind. The duo’s diet played an important part in their itinerary – where they enjoyed fresh fish, steak and vegetables at Surf and Turf Steakhouse.

    Hope’s Tips

    To get your happy-healthy holiday boost, tank up on food rich in serotonin, the neurotransmitter that creates a calming sense of happiness. Fish oils also help to moderate our mood by supporting the effects on serotonin and serotonin receptors in the brain.

    Enjoy the taste of North Sea omega rich fish such as Halibut, salmon, mackerel, Cod and Tuna to heal your heart and nourish your brain. Eat mood-boosting foods including eggs, fruits, vegetables, legumes, wholegrain cereals, nuts and seeds.


    1. Spend More Time Together

    Frankie and Wayne’s lifestyle is all about balance and so the Bridge’s also took an afternoon to wind down and spend quality time together.

    Hope’s Tips

    Making memories with your significant other is an excellent way of strengthening the love-knot. A unique shared experience increases a sense of closeness and intimacy with your partner because you’ve discovered and grown together by sharing an interest special to you. You’ve carved out an “exclusive” cave in your memory brain-bank and revisiting that memory at a later time is a sure starter for rekindling the romantic spark.

    Take time to reminisce about your holidays together. Use your travel stories to spark up the conversation between you and see where memory lane leads you.

    Frankie Bridge said: “As a couple, health and wellness is a really important part of our lives and we also love going on new adventures together, so when Marella Cruises asked us to create our own itinerary based on our personal interests, we jumped at the opportunity!

    “We worked closely with the amazing staff on board to design an itinerary to inspire health and wellness regimes. We couldn’t believe all of the different activities we could do on the ship and ashore – we were spoiled for choice!”

    Wayne Bridge added: “Frank and I have such hectic lives at home – so making time for the two of us is so important – whether that’s working out together or going out for dinner.

    “A lot of people think that going on holiday means you have to be sedentary but actually it’s really easy to get active – especially on a cruise because there’s so many options. It’s also the perfect time to have a laugh together, which me and Frank always do.”

    Leading psychologist, Hope Bastine comments: “We live in a busy world where people aren’t necessarily able to find the time to unwind and de-stress. Going on holiday is the perfect time to truly reset and re-connect with ourselves and our loved ones. Getting away is proven to benefit your health and wellbeing, with research showing it can boost your immune system too.

    “Cruising provides some of the most essential ingredients for people looking to get back in touch with their health and wellness regime. Being by the sea is a scientifically proven solution for stress and it is this environment which allows our body and mind to enter a heightened state of relaxation. Being near water and enjoying new experiences together are just some of the things that can boost the health of your body and mind.”

    Chris Hackney, Managing Director of Marella Cruises said: “At Marella Cruises, we have something for everyone – to suit every taste. We are so confident we put everyone in the middle and provide the perfect holiday for all different types of people, that we decided to put this to the test by inviting Frankie and Wayne Bridge on board to design their own health and wellness itinerary.

    “As a couple who have so many different passions, Frankie and Wayne were the perfect pair to curate a Marella Cruises itinerary which really showcases the diversity of activities we offer both on board and ashore.”.

    To watch Frankie and Wayne’s adventure and follow their bespoke holiday itinerary, visit www.marellabyu.co.uk



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