• Renowned scent expert develops cutting-edge umbrella designed to awaken the senses and reignite holiday memories to boost the nation’s mood during a downpour
    • Thanks to clever micro-encapsulation technology, the ‘Holi-Brolly’ has been developed to soothe post-holiday blues by releasing a memory-triggering scent – called ‘Balance’ – every time its canopy is opened
    • “Tapping into our senses is one of the best ways to evoke the past. Our noses have a fabulous way of sniffing out positive memories.” says leading Oxford University experimental psychologist
    • With one in four UK holidaymakers saying returning to the wet weather is the worst thing about coming home, TUI Sensatori, whose resorts are designed to fuel the senses, is offering customers the chance to trial a limited edition ‘Holi-Brolly’ from TUI stores in some of the UK’s wettest cities, including; Bluewater, Metrocentre, The Trafford Centre, Hempstead and Coventry Superstore

    10 September 2018 – Brits returning home from holiday only to be met by grey skies and wet weather may no longer be faced with inevitable post-holiday blues when they touch down on home soil.

    Holidaymakers could soon get their hands on a Holi-Brolly – a cutting-edge umbrella technologically infused with a mood-boosting and memory-inducing scent that has been designed to help us tackle the gloomiest of weather and moods.

    Renowned sensory fragrance expert, Dawn Goldworm – who possesses the rare neurological condition of synaesthesia, meaning she can SEE and FEEL scents – developed the unique scent at luxury five-star resort, the TUI Sensatori Resort Negril, Jamaica.

    Designed as a handy accessory for sensory wellbeing, the umbrella – whose scent is an interpretation of a TUI Sensatori resort – engulfs you in a complex blend of exotic aromas to conjure up a luxurious beach holiday feeling that will give you a lift on the dreariest of days.

    Dawn Goldworm said, “The senses play a crucial part in storing and reliving holiday memories. Olfactory bulbs are part of our limbic system transmitting smell information from the nose to the brain, and directly connect to areas of the brain that process emotion and memory.

    “The TUI Sensatori ‘Balance’ scent has also been customised to instill feelings of contentment – blended from juicy fresh citrus, white jasmine and delicate soft musk, also known for their calming and stress-solidifying properties.”

    Leading Oxford University experimental psychologist and sensory expert, Professor Charles Spence accompanied Dawn Goldworm to the TUI Sensatori Resort Negril, where he studied her interpretation of the resort.

    Professor Charles Spence added, “Tapping into our senses is one of the best ways to evoke the past. Our noses have a fabulous way of sniffing out positive memories. We’ve now learnt that one in five of us actively turn to scents that remind us of a trip, in a bid to extend the holiday glow.”

    The Holi-Brolly, which is also being trialed with a light therapy bulb, provides an uplifting glow to further soothe post-holiday blues every time it is opened.

    The catalyst for the idea happened after TUI Sensatori carried out a study earlier this year which uncovered the average holiday memory fades after less than two weeks. Suntan lotion (31%) is the smell Brits most commonly associate with holidaying abroad, followed by the scent of sea air (18%) and coconut oil (7%).

    When it comes to returning home, seventy-five per cent of holiday makers have fallen victim to the holiday blues.

    One in four holidaymakers also believes returning to the grey skies and wet weather of the UK is the worst thing about coming back from a break.

    The umbrella, whose scent will last a lifetime within the canopy, thanks to clever micro-encapsulation technology is the culmination of 6 months’ work.

    Professor Charles Spence said, “Our senses play a crucial part in storing and retrieving holiday memories, with scent being a particularly potent trigger.”

    “Dawn’s synaesthesia has enabled her to capture something completely unique – what the sights and textures of a holiday smell like.”

    The luxury TUI Sensatori Resorts have been purposefully designed to fuel the senses. Professor Charles Spence studied Dawn Goldworm during her sensorial journey at TUI Sensatori Resort Negril in Jamaica, where she has bottled everything from the feeling of pure white sand beneath the toes, the refreshing summer breeze on your face, through to interpreting dreamy salmon sunsets and rich aquamarine sea.

    Helen Morgan, Head of Concept for TUI said, “For the past decade, TUI Sensatori has prided itself on developing five-star resorts to truly fuel the senses.

    We’d like the Holi-Brolly to transform any trudge home from work into a more colourful and sensory awakening experience that extends the good times of a well-earned holiday well beyond your flight home.”

    For those who want to feel like they are being transported to tropical climes whilst the wet weather is making them miserable, a limited number of ‘Holi-Brolly’s’ will be available to trial from TUI stores in some of the wettest cities around the country, including; Bluewater, Metrocentre, The Trafford Centre, Hempstead and Coventry Superstore.




    1. Going back to work
    2. Returning to the Great British weather
    3. Feeling tired from travelling
    4. Having to deal with the tasks you put off before leaving
    5. Having nothing in your calendar to look forward to
    6. Returning to the commute
    7. Having to get up early again
    8. Catching up on emails
    9. Going back to wearing your usual clothes
    10. Having to tell everyone about what you did on holiday






    Microencapsulation is a process in which tiny particles or droplets are surrounded by a coating to give small capsules, of many useful properties. In general, it is used to incorporate food ingredients, enzymes, cells or other materials on a micro metric scale.

    The Balance scent is micro-encapsulated in the umbrella canopy, with millions of scent capsules across the Holi Brolly canopy, which provides it with its scent durability.

    The independent study data was commissioned by TUI Sensatori and carried out by One Poll. 2,000 UK adults in April 2018



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