The Love Islanders and First Choice ‘Braggage Handlers,’ compete in cocktail making, head massaging and synchronised swimming on an All-Inclusive holiday to Mexico

    8 May 2018 – It’s been a year since the UK’s favourite duo Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay graced TV screens together.  Now experts in All Inclusive holidays, First Choice, has reunited them in a new series of short films brimming with the banter that the bromantic couple are so loved for.

    Released today, the films see the pair swap Majorca for Mexico to take on Love Island inspired challenges at the stunning All Inclusive Azul Beach Resort the Fives, By Karisma.  On a mission to out-brag each other, the pair aim to show Brits how to avoid being ‘bragging bores’ on holiday by trying new experiences and sharing inspirational and memorable social media posts.

    Their appointment as First Choice ‘Braggage Handlers’ was prompted by research revealing that over 50% of Brits get annoyed by their friends’ ‘shallow brags’ on social media.  Yet 80% admit to falling into the trap of sharing dull holiday photos, posting posey ‘hot dog legs’ or mimicking friends, rather than coming up with original ideas.

    On taking the challenges on, Chris commented: “I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year since we were in the villa.  We have missed being with other so much.  It’s been such a laugh filming the bragging challenges, even if I was up against my best mate.  We had a brilliant time in an amazing resort and although Kem’s banter is pretty impressive, I reckon it’s clear I am the King of Brag!”

    1. Cocktail Challenge

    Trying their hands at cocktail making first, the boys nearly put their bromance on the rocks as they compete to make the most original concoction. ‘Kem’s Grenade’ packs an explosive punch as he tops Bailey with a pinch of salt before adding a glug of lime, Worcester sauce and Tabasco.  Chris goes for a subtler approach with his solar system inspired ‘Planet Hughes’, energetically shaken-up and served with half a cucumber on the side.

    Chris explains his theme, saying: “I like stuff that’s very solar system based, because I think it’s such a beautiful part of the universe” – to which Kem replies, “Since when have you been into space?”

    The verdict: Honeymooners Callum Martin and his new wife Georgina from Colchester agreed to judge the challenge and whilst ‘Kem’s Grenade’ is met with a loud burp from Callum, Chris’ ‘Planet Hughes’ is declared the winner.   To seal Chris’ victory he is awarded the ‘Flying Flamingo’, a nod back to the pair’s Love Island inflatable pal ‘Javi’.

    1. Head Massage Challenge

    A beachside yoga session takes a surprising turn when the BFFs are challenged to give two hotel guests a head massage. Top of the leader board, Chris gets started with a vigorous head rub before Kem shows him how it’s done, drawing inspiration from his days as a hairdresser. After losing the first challenge he comments: “It’s a big one, I feel like this has to be me.  My clients used to love it.  It was the most important part of the haircut as it gets them relaxed.”

    The pair have finger cymbals, rose petals and a collection of essential oils at their disposal, which were put to interesting use as they battle it out for title of top masseuse. Convinced of his advantage Kem points out that Chris’ large hands may be unsuited for the task, exclaiming, “You’ve got quite big hands, all my fingers look like thumbs.”

    The verdict: After judging their massages, guests Jess from Yorkshire and Sophie from Bedfordshire award the ‘Flying Flamingo’ to ex-barber Kem, who celebrates his win with a tongue in cheek award ceremony style speech.

    1. Synchronised Swimming

    Neck-and-neck, the bragging crown is up for grabs as the boys move into the third challenge, synchronised swimming.   Nostalgia kicks-in as they remember their routines in the Love Island villa, with Chris saying, “Now that takes me back to Love Island” and Kem adding, “Is it bad that I’ve already started choreographing my routine in my room?”

    The boys adopt polar training techniques, with Kem opting for a Sergeant Major style approach, whilst Chris is altogether more zen. Both teams of five hotel guests aim to create a ‘solaris’ shape and the routines culminate in a dramatic ‘rubber ring finale’.

    The verdict: Kem may have been crowned Love Island King 2018, but Chris pips him to the post for the title of top ‘Braggage Handler’ after winning the final ‘Flying Flamingo’ with his more relaxed coaching style.

    Speaking about their holiday, Kem said: “I’m a Mexico veteran but Chris has never been before so it was really good being out there with him, going all out on an amazing All Inclusive resort.” Chris added: “We did absolutely everything – water sports, swimming, massages, tennis, sunbathing and ate at some absolutely wonderful restaurants.  It’s unreal how much there is to do and you don’t even need to get your wallet out.  I had never been on a jet ski before, so that was a first to shout about.”

    “This holiday was all about showing people how to brag properly and we did some seriously brag-worthy stuff” said Kem. “We hope the films inspire people to be original, keep it fresh, ditch the ‘hot dog legs’ and samey boast posts –  and most of all try new experiences and have fun.”

    Jeremy Ellis, Marketing and Customer Experience Director for First Choice commented, “We teamed up with Chris and Kem because they are fun, brimming with enthusiasm and can banter like nobody else. We sent them on a First Choice All-Inclusive holiday to Mexico and asked them to show holiday-makers how to avoid being ‘bragging bores’ on social media.  They embraced their roles and have proved admirable ‘braggage handlers’,  We are delighted with our new recruits.”

    Kem, however, was not impressed by the final score, and is urging fans to reverse the outcome by voting for him online.   He said: “Chris may have won the bragging challenges in Mexico, but we all know I should wear the crown and there’s still time to change the verdict.    Vote for me on the ‘Bragging Rights’ hub and put it right please!”

    To cast a vote for Kem or confirm Chris as King of Brag visit www.firstchoice.co.uk/braggage-handlers





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