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Can I change the day the Direct Debit instalment is taken?

You can choose the day of the month the Direct Debit comes out. If you need to change the date of your direct debit, you can do this in Manage My Booking.

Can I choose the amount of instalments?

No, the amount of installments is calculated automatically based on the date of your booking and the departure date. There’ll be a minimum of three installments. 

Can I make any ad-hoc payments, even though I’m paying by Direct Debit?

Yes. You can make payments through our website and our Contact Centres – your Direct Debit payments will be recalculated accordingly. 

Can I pay off some of my balance in store?


Can I use Direct Debit if I book through your Contact Centre?

No, we are unable to set up Direct Debits through the Contact Centre. If you would like to set up a Direct Debit, please book online or through your local TUI Retail store.

Please Note, if you booked between 17/03/20-31/05/20 you have until 4 weeks before your departure to pay your balance. 

Do I need to pay a deposit before setting this up?

Yes, there is a £50 deposit for all departures as of 17/03/20.

How does it work?

Direct Debit can be set up to spread the cost of your holiday over a period of months. The balance of the holiday is equally split between the months from the time you set up the Direct Debit to when the last payment is due. 

How do I set up a Direct Debit?

When you book your holiday, simply choose the ‘Deposit and Direct Debit’ option on the payment page. Once the deposit is paid, you’ll be able to set up your Direct Debit on the confirmation page. You can also set this up in the ‘Manage My Booking’ portal on our website at least 182 days before departure, even if you didn’t originally select this option on the payment page.

Is Direct Debit available on all TUI holidays, even if the airline I’m flying with isn’t TUI Airways?


I can see you’re working with Experian. Why?

We work with Experian to make sure your address and bank account match, to reduce the risk of fraud. 

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