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How do I know if you've received my API information?

When you enter your API details on our Flight Extras site you won't receive any confirmation.
However, you can check if your details have been saved by logging in to the website again - you should see the details you've entered saved in the fields.
If you can't see your API details, you'll need to add them again for all passengers and click save when you've finished.

How do I provide my API details?

TUI flights
Visit our secure API website to enter your details. You'll need to log in using your TUI booking reference, the surname of the lead passenger and your departure date. You'll find all of these on your booking confirmation or invoice.

If online check-in's open for your flight, you can also enter your API information during the check-in process. If you've opted for a seat upgrade, online check-in opens 14 days before you fly. If not, you can check in from seven days before.

If you prefer the human touch, pop in to one of our TUI stores with your booking reference and all of the passports from your party. That way, we can enter all of the API details for you.
Flights with other airlines
For flights with another airline see our FAQs on flying with other airlines for more information about providing your API for your flight.

I've changed my booking, do I need to resubmit my API details?

If you've made changes to your booking since providing your API details, you'll need to log in again and resubmit your API information. 

My birthday is on a leap year, so how do I go about entering my API details?

If your birthday falls on a leap year, you can enter your API details by first selecting the year you were born. Once you've done this, you'll see 29th February appear as an option. 

What happens to my API information?

Once you've given us your API information, it's stored securely on our system until it needs to be sent to the government authorities. The information is then transmitted through a secure network up to 72 hours before your flight is due to go, or sometimes after it's departed. After the information has been sent, it will be stored to meet API requirements and then destroyed. 

Keeping your information secure
We comply with UK and EU data protection laws, so you can rest assured that your details are secure. Your API information will only be sent to authorised government agencies for border control and security purposes.

What information do I need to provide for API details?

To meet API requirements, you'll need to give us the following details for everyone travelling on your booking.  

For all destinations

Full name, as shown on your passport or travel document
Date of birth
Travel document type e.g. passport (P).

If you're travelling on a group passport, details for each passenger listed on the passport should be entered under the same travel document type and passport number.

Travel document number
Travel document country of issue
Travel document expiry date

Additional information for all US Destinations

Country of residence
First night address you're staying at in the USA
Redress number, if applicable

Additional information for Cuba and Mexico

Country of residence
Redress number, if one has been supplied to you by the US Department of homeland security. 


Don't know your address in the USA?

- Fly drive holidays - Please provide the name and location of the car hire company and where you plan to stop first.
- Cruises - If you're joining a cruise ship, provide the cruise ship name and the port your cruise leaves from.
- Accommodation allocated on arrival - Please provide the details of our resort office, which is:

Welcome USA
7769 West Irlo Bronson Memorial Highway
Florida 34747

- Backpackers - Please give an indication of where you'll spend your first night.
- Transferring to another flight - Please give details of the departing flight number and destination.

Other travel requirements

You'll need to provide API alongside any other requirements that apply for your destination, like visas, or ESTA if you're going to the USA. If you're completing ESTA, your API information will need to match the details you give.

Flying with another airline? 

If you're flying with the below airlines, you'll be able to provide your API details through online check-in or at the airport. 
Air Europa, Albastar, ASL Airlines France, ASL Airlines Ireland, Evelop Airlines, Germania, Norwegian, Travel Service, Volotea.

If your flight is with another airline, then you’ll need to provide your API details at check-in via their own portal or at the airport if offered.

If you're not sure who you're flying with, take a look at "Which airline am I flying with?

What is advanced passenger information?

You need to provide Advance Passenger Information (API) before you go on holiday if you're travelling with TUI. It's also called APIS, Secure Flight or e-Borders. In a nutshell, this is information from your passport that's required by the government of the country you're travelling to.

TUI also needs this information for Aviation Security purposes.

Flying with another airline? 

If your flight is with another airline then you'll need to provide your API details at check-in - you won't be able to do this before you travel.

If you're not sure who you're flying with, take a look at 'Which airline am I flying with?'

When do I need to provide my API details?

If you're travelling with TUI, you need to give us your API information any time from when you book, up until six hours before you're due to go.

Visit our Flight Extras website to supply your API information.
Booking late?
If you're booking less than four days before you travel, you'll need to provide your API at the check-in desk. Please make sure you allow more time for any extra checks.

Flights with other airlines
When you need to provide your API details varies depending on which airline you're travelling with.  If the airline still offers check-in desks at the airport, you'll be able to supply API information when you arrive at the airport.

If you're not sure who you're flying with, take a look at 'Which airline am I flying with?'

Which airlines do I need to provide API details for?

You'll need to provide API details for all airlines that you travel with. You can submit your API details online with us if you're travelling with TUI.

If you're travelling with any other airline, you'll usually be able to do this online - please follow the instructions on your e-ticket/confirmation email.  If the airline still offers check-in desks at the airport, you'll be able to supply API information when you arrive at the airport. 

If you're not sure who you're flying with, take a look at "Which airline am I flying with?" 

Why do I need to provide API?

API information is required by the border control and security authorities of various different countries. They use the details to do routine checks on the identity of passengers before they arrive in the country. It's a condition of your booking that you must provide your API information. 

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