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Can I use an e-cigarette at the airport?

The rules around using e-cigarettes vary depending on which airport you're flying from.  We recommend that you check directly with the airport.

How can I prepare for security?

Here's a quick reminder of what you can do to help you pass through security as quickly as possible. It'll help speed things up for everyone if you take these steps while you're in the queue.

-Remove your belt, if you're wearing one, and empty your pockets (e.g. keys, loose change) and pack these in your hand luggage.

-Remove any outdoor clothing, boots or shoes with heels, ready to place them in a tray. - All liquids – including water and any creams, lotions, perfumes, hand sanitiser, foods, lighters – must be in containers no larger than 100ml.

- These containers must be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag which holds no more than a litre and measures approximately 20cm x 20cm (limited to one bag per person).

- Take your liquids bag out of your hand luggage, ready to pop it in a tray.

- Remove all large electrical items (laptops, tablets, e-readers, hair straighteners etc.) from your hand luggage. You'll need to get ready to place them flat in a separate tray ensuring they're not covered or on top of each other. Make sure they're charged, too.

While UK airports are installing new scanners to prepare for changes in security restrictions, at this time you should still follow current guidelines as not all airports have changed* and destination airports still have these restrictions in place for your flight home. Check government hand luggage restrictions at UK airports and at Irish airports for more details about medical and dietary exceptions.

*We recommend you check your departure airport website for their most up-to-date security advice.

I'm travelling in Premium, which airport lounge can I use?

If you're travelling Premium on a TUI Airways flight, you'll get access for up to 3 hours before your outbound flight, to one of the following lounges at our UK airports...

London Gatwick - No.1 Lounge (North terminal)
Manchester Terminal 2 - Escape Lounge
Glasgow - Sky Lounge
Birmingham - No.1 Lounge
Newcastle International - Aspire Lounge
East Midlands - Escape Lounge
London Stansted - Escape Lounge
Edinburgh - No.1 Lounge
Cardiff - Cardiff Airport Executive Lounge
Bristol - Aspire Lounge

You’ll also get Airport Lounge access at Melbourne Orlando International Airport, Florida.

What are the new airport security checks?

UK airlines need to carry out enhanced security screening from certain destinations for return flights to the United Kingdom. If this applies to your flight, you'll be told whilst you're on holiday as it may mean that you need to check in a bit earlier. You might need to be at the boarding gate earlier, too.

New security measures for electronic devices
If you're carrying any electronic devices in your hand luggage that are capable of holding a charge, you'll need to make sure they're fully charged when you go through airport security. This is part of new security measures that have been introduced by airports in the UK and abroad. We recommend you keep things like mobile phones switched on until you board the plane, as there might be more checks at the departure gate.

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