Where we sail in Romania

    Our river cruises to Romania shine a light on the country’s southeast section, near the Black Sea coastline. Constanta – the oldest city in Romania – sits right on the edge of the sea, and lines up a huge selection of Roman ruins for you to explore. Further inland, you can visit cities like Tulcea and Braila, where artefact-filled museums and pint-pulling taverns are the centre of attention. Elsewhere, Giurgiu is your gateway to Romania’s bustling capital, Bucharest – you can get there in a 30-minute drive.

    Romania’s Roman side

    The Romans settled in Romania’s Black Sea coastline and its surrounding countryside, and used the area as a major trading port over 2,000 years ago. You can expect to see Roman Empire-era ruins and archaeological sites on show in all four of our Romanian ports. Plus, their museums are loaded with exhibits that show off artefacts and fossils dating as far back as the 7th century BC.


    Our shore experiences in Romania are all about getting to know some of the country’s biggest cities and prettiest landscapes. During a guided tour of Constanta or Bucharest, you’ll see some of the sights that make these cities so special. The former’s features a massive Art Deco casino, while Bucharest ‘s home to the 200-building Dimitrie Gusti National Village Museum – you’ll also find the Romanian Royal Family’s palace here. If being out in nature’s more your style, our trips to the Danube Delta from Tulcea are just the ticket. This 4,000-square-kilometre area’s been dubbed a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and packs in lakes, lagoons and over 300 species of birds. In Braila, meanwhile, outings to a Moldovan museum in the quiet village of Valeni top the to-do list. During your visit, you’ll learn about the history of the area, and sample a selection of homemade Romanian food and wine.

    TUI River Cruise Packages

    Our River Cruise packages take care of all aspects of your getaway without the hassle...


    Both flights are included in the package.


    All transfers between the ship and airport are covered.


    A Full Board Plus package is included, covering 3 meals and drinks at mealtimes.


    £120 worth of excursion credit per person, per week are included, as standard.