Where we sail in Bulgaria

    Bulgaria’s legendary beach-break spots aren’t the only parts that are worth sinking your teeth into. The country’s northern border with Romania – along the Danube River – is home to history-drenched cities, like Vidin and Ruse. At both of these stops, you can discover ancient Roman Empire-era ruins, giant cathedrals and cityscapes that pack in more colour than a bag of Skittles. Ruse – Bulgaria’s fifth-biggest city – also puts you within driving distance of the Ivanovo Churches. This UNESCO-protected temple complex is carved into the side of a cliff, and dates back more than 600 years.

    Culture around every corner

    The cities of Vidin and Ruse are tailor-made for culture vultures. In Ruse, the streets are a hotchpotch of styles, with everything from Baroque and Renaissance to Gothic and Rococo buildings on display. In fact, the colourful city centre’s so impressive, it’s been nicknamed the Pearl of the Danube. Vidin, meanwhile, puts a lot of its weight behind its art scene. The Saint Demetrius Cathedral’s one of the city’s centrepieces – it’s filled with Art Nouveau frescoes.


    No stone’s left unturned with our selection of shore experiences in Bulgaria. During a city tour of Vidin, you’ll explore some of the city’s biggest mainstays, like Bulgaria’s second-oldest cathedral and the Baba Vida fortress – a 10th-century castle that offers up top-class views of the Danube River. We offer a city tour of Ruse, too, which pairs a guided visit around the museum-stocked centre with a trip to the Ivanovo Churches – a 600-year-old monastery complex that was carved into a cliffside by monks. If you want to get under the skin of one of Bulgaria’s lesser-known spots, you can book a guided outing to the town of Veliko Tarnovo and the village of Arbanasi – the latter’s home to over 100 churches.

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