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In light of the impact of COVID-19 on worldwide travel, we’ve been reviewing our programme to ensure we can still take you on safe and enjoyable holidays. Throughout August, we’ll be operating a reduced summer holiday programme to the below destinations, flying to some with our own airline and to others with our trusted partner airlines.

  • From 15th July – Third-party flights only
  • Kos and Rhodes – TUI and third-party flights
  • Heraklion in Crete – TUI and third-party flights
  • Corfu – TUI and third-party flights
  • Zante – TUI and third-party flights
  • Chania, Kefalonia, Skiathos, Santorini and Thessaloniki from 1st August – TUI and third-party flights
  • Venice – third-party flights only
  • Naples from 24th August
  • Dalaman, Antalya, Izmir and Bodrum – TUI and third-party flights

We’re constantly reviewing government guidance and are planning to add more departure airports and destinations to our programme as soon as we can.

For new package holiday bookings made between 23rd July and 30th September 2020, we’re offering you the chance to change your booking for free up to 28 days before departure. This applies to TUI holidays flying with TUI Airways between 20th August 2020 and 30th April 2021. It means you can make an amend to your holiday, including changing the hotel or destination, for free. If the price for the new holiday is higher, you’ll need to pay the difference. If it’s lower, we’ll refund you the difference. To change a name on the booking, it’s still £25. The cancellation terms and date the balance is due will stay the same. You can find out more about this here and read the full T&Cs here.

We appreciate that you may be feeling unsettled and we’d like to reassure you that we will only take you on holiday if we are certain you will still be able to have a brilliant TUI experience. If your holiday is impacted or has to be cancelled, we’ll be in touch directly. If you booked between 23rd July 2020 and 30th September 2020, it’s free to amend your booking to any holiday that’s currently on sale. This applies to holidays that are flying with TUI Airways and departing between 20th August 2020 and 30th April 2021. You can find out more about this here. You can read the terms and conditions for this, as well as for other cancellations, here.

How do I check in?

You can check in for your flight 24 hours before you take off, up to three hours before departure, online or via the TUI App. Checking in online will limit the amount of time you have to queue in the airport and limit the contact you have with other passengers and our team. You’ll need to check in 24 hours before your outbound flight from the UK and 24 hours before your flight home from your destination. We will also be asking you to complete a brief health declaration as part of the check-in process and you’ll need to do this before you can download your boarding card. We will have a limited number of check-in desks available at the airport in case you aren’t able to check in online.

Do I need to bring a face mask for my flight?

Everyone over the age of six years old needs to wear a face mask during their flight, and guidelines recommend that you wear one in the airport, too. Different overseas destinations will have different measures in place, but we would advise keeping your mask on right up until you reach your hotel. You will need to bring your own masks, and you will need to change your mask every four hours. We’d recommend you have a supply with you, so you can change them regularly and use them overseas if you need to. Some airports may have masks on sale, but it’s a good idea to be prepared and buy them in advance. If you have a medical condition that means you shouldn’t wear a mask, you won’t need to.

Should I bring hand sanitiser?

There will be plenty of hand sanitiser dispensers in the airport terminal, and we will provide sachets on board for use ahead of eating and drinking. However, we’d recommend you have some handy, too. Remember, liquids in your hand luggage must be 100ml or under.

Should I buy foreign currency before my holiday?

Some hotels, shops and restaurants may still accept cash payments, but be prepared for some to accept card payments only. It’s a good idea to take a credit or debit card, like Mastercard and/or Visa, on holiday with you to pay for anything you need. Make sure your cards are set up to work abroad before you travel.

Does the country I’m travelling to need any further information from me?

Some countries require you fill out a health declaration, also known as a Passenger Locator Form, before you travel – most will need you to complete this at least a day before you depart. Please visit the FCO website to check entry requirements. If you don’t complete a Passenger Locator Form, you may be denied boarding. This can even result in being issued a fine when you arrive in your destination.

Will there be testing to get into the country I’m travelling to?

We’d like to reassure you that we won’t operate holidays to anywhere with strict entry requirements in place, like testing or quarantine.

Should I allow more time to get through the airport?

With social distancing and enhanced health and safety measures in place, it will take us longer than usual to get you on board, so please do allow plenty of time.

Will my luggage allowance change?

Luggage allowances will remain the same, but do bear in mind there will be fewer airport staff to help and, where possible, bag drops will be self-service.

How much hand luggage can I bring on board?

We recommend you only bring one small piece of hand luggage per person – it should fit under the aircraft seat in front of you. This will ensure minimal contact with other passengers and cabin crew. If you need larger bags for children, or for medical supplies, you’ll need to put them in the overhead locker yourself.

What do I do if I need special assistance?

If you require special assistance and haven’t already told us, please call us on 0203 451 2585.

Will there be temperature checks?

Different airports will have different measures in place, and some may check your temperature before you fly, or when you arrive at your destination.

How do I check my bags in?

We’ll be asking you to use self-service bag drops where these are available.

What changes will there be in the airport terminal?

The usual social distancing will be in place at the airport and there will be an emphasis on self-service, with fewer staff in order to reduce contact points. Airport teams and our crew will be wearing face masks and you’ll probably see staff in airport shops wearing them, too. You may also find that some shops, bars and restaurants are closed, so ensure you have the essentials you need with you

We’d also recommend you get ready for a cash-free journey as retail outlets may prefer card payments. We’ve also increased the availability of contactless payments on board your flight.

Will the security checks be different?

Security checks will be in place and may take a little longer. To get through as quickly as possible, here’s some useful advice:

  • Make sure that any larger electrical items are separated from the rest of your hand luggage where possible. This will help airport security staff complete their checks more easily. Placing phones, iPads, headphones etc. in a separate tray is a good idea.
  • Try to travel in slip-on shoes, as you may be asked to remove them and place them in a tray for x-ray.
  • Be prepared for bag checks and potentially more x-ray checks than usual.
  • Remember to keep liquids to 100ml or under, to pop them in a resealable bag and to keep them easily to hand to be placed in a separate tray before screening.
  • Expect airport security staff to be using personal protective equipment (PPE). Please be patient if they need to change gloves or other disposable items.
How will passport control operate?

Border controls will be in place as always, and you’ll be asked to have your documents open and ready to be scanned. You may also be asked to scan your own passport and boarding pass, to minimise contact with staff.

How will I get from the terminal to my aircraft?

For those who need to catch a bus from the terminal to the aircraft, we’ll be making more vehicles available, so that the usual social distancing rules can be applied. We’ll also be ensuring our transfer buses are deep-cleaned between journeys.

How will I board my flight?

We will invite people to board in small groups, possibly by row, and ask you to follow social distancing rules as you make your way through the departure gates. We’ll also encourage you to make a note of your seat numbers, so we can get you seated quickly as soon as you are on board.

What measures have you put in place to reduce the risk of infection?

Before you board your flight, your plane will have been deep-cleaned from nose to tail, with special attention given to the surfaces you will come in to contact with, like seats and tray tables. All our aircraft are fitted with super-efficient, state-of-the-art ventilation and filtration systems to control air quality and circulate fresh air around the cabin every few minutes. These systems are similar to those you would find in hospital settings and meet the highest standards of clinical hygiene. Absolutely everything we do will be in line with the very latest government and holiday industry expert advice. We’ll be minimising contact points between you and our crew, who like you, will be wearing face masks at all times. They won’t be able to put luggage in overhead lockers for you, and we’ve increased the availability of contactless payment onboard.

Can I buy food and drink?

A selection of food and drinks may be available on some flights, and we’ve increased the availability of contactless payment. You can view our inflight menu here.

Can I buy duty free?

We won’t be selling duty free goods on board.

How do I know I will be safe?

We won’t welcome you on board unless we are 100% confident every possible precaution has been taken to keep you and our crew safe and the risk of infection has been minimised. Our filtration and ventilation systems meet the highest clinical hygiene standards and fresh air is circulated around the cabin every few minutes. We’ll ensure your journey is as contactless as possible and put in place measures to protect you at every stage of your holiday.

Will social distancing be in place on board my flight?

We will make sure your journey is as contactless is possible and ask everyone to keep a distance where possible. That’s why our crew won’t be able to help you put your luggage in the overhead compartment. We’ll ask you to stay in your seat unless absolutely necessary, keep movement in the aisles to a minimum and avoid queues for the toilet.

Will I be able to use the toilet?

You will be able to use the toilet, but we’ll ask you not to queue in the aisles and our crew will be on hand to help.

How will I get off the aircraft without coming into close contact with other passengers?

We will ask people to disembark row by row and to keep a distance from fellow passengers as they leave the aircraft. It will take longer than usual but we’ll do our best to be as speedy as safely possible. If you need to take a bus transfer to the airport terminal you’ll do so in smaller than usual groups.

Will the same social distancing rules be in place when I arrive at my destination?

Different destinations may have different measures in place, but we’d recommend you stick to the usual social distancing guidelines as you make your way through the airport and collect your luggage.

Will there be reps to meet me when I get through arrivals?

Where possible, there will be reps to greet you off our TUI flights, but we will also keep in contact and update you frequently via the TUI App. We’d encourage you to use the TUI App to keep up to date and look out for information like hotel transfer details. We also have our 24/7 rep service, where you can contact us by phone, SMS or email.

What happens if I fail a temperature check on arrival at my destination?

Currently, there are no quarantine requirements in any of the destinations we are travelling to for holidaymakers from the UK. Should you be stopped on arrival at your destination, please ask a member of your party to flag this to the TUI team at the airport and they will assist you. If you’re unable to do this in person, you can also call our 24/7 rep service on +44 3333 365 147.

Will there be any changes to the way I get to my hotel?

Transfers may be in smaller groups so that we can apply social distancing where possible. All our transfer buses will have increased hygiene measures in place.

What measures will be put in place to avoid infection?

Different destinations will have different measures in place. But we will ensure we meet all local government requirements and will keep to our own high standards also, for example by increasing hygiene measures on all transfers.

What health and safety measures have been put in place?

We’ve been working really hard with all of our hotel partners to ensure all the right measures have been put in place to welcome you back safely. Our reps have had special training, too. We’ll be aiming to minimise contact points throughout your holiday, so you might see some differences in the way restaurants, clubs, entertainment venues and even sunbeds are set up. We’ll be asking you to use contactless payments wherever possible, and, if you can, to use the TUI App to keep in touch with us and to ask us any questions you may have. You can expect to see hand sanitising stations throughout the hotel, and you might also be asked to wear a face mask in some areas of your hotel in some destinations. We’ll be going above and beyond our usual, already rigorous, cleaning procedures in all hotel areas. And, of course, bedrooms will be thoroughly deep-cleaned and disinfected from top to bottom between guests. Some facilities may have been removed from the rooms, for example, tea and coffee making facilities and printed information. To allow for social distancing, you may also find that fewer people can use the lifts at any one time.

What do I do if I become unwell or develop COVID-19 symptoms when I am on holiday?

Should you start to feel unwell, you should stay in your room and seek medical assistance if required. You should also report any illness or symptoms to the hotel management straight away. If you have symptoms of Coronavirus, you should self-isolate in your room while waiting for assistance.

As part of the TUI Holiday Promise, your summer 2020 booking is protected by TUI’s Holiday Guarantee Insurance in partnership with AXA Partners. If you do develop COVID-19 symptoms, please call the AXA helpline on +34934963882, quoting your TUI booking reference number, and the team will advise you on what to do next.

Your Holiday Guarantee Insurance also gives you free access to the Doctor Please! Service, designed to connect you to medical experts. You can access the service via the above phone number. Or, you can download the Doctor Please! app from Google Play or the App Store and register with the activation code: TUI1920. You’ll be able to add eligible family members in your party if they are under 18 years old. Overs 18s need to register separately, but can use the same activation code for access.

You will have 24/7 access to fully qualified, English-speaking doctors.

You can also contact us. Use the TUI App. Call us any time on +44 3333 365 147. Text us on 80247. Or email us at serviceUK@tui.com.

How do I check in?

Where possible we’d encourage you to check in online – many hotels will have apps to allow you to do this and to also book restaurants. Take a look at your hotel’s own website to check if they have an app. So that our hotels have enough time to deep-clean all rooms between guests, in some destinations the check-in time will be at the slightly later time of 4pm. And, on the last day of your holiday, your check-out time will be 11am.

Will I have my temperature checked before I enter the hotel?

You may be asked to take a temperature check on arrival at the hotel and each time you return to the hotel, but this depends on the destination and the local guidelines that are in place.

Will social distancing be in place?

Each hotel will have a slightly different set-up, because the regulations vary from country to country, but there will be some level of social distancing in place. Your hotel will advise you and some may have floor markers and reminders in place.

Will I have a rep in my resort?

We will be aiming to make your holiday as contactless as possible, and while there will be some staff on hand, we will be encouraging you to make full use of the TUI App, if you can. The TUI App allows you to access all kinds of information and to contact us 24/7 with any specific questions you might have. If you prefer, you can also contact us 24/7 by phone, SMS or email.

Do I need to wear a face mask around the resort?

Regulations vary depending on the destination. In Spain, masks are mandatory when you’re out and about. You’ll most likely be required to wear a mask on public transport. We recommend that you bring a sufficient number of face masks for your entire holiday.

Will my room be cleaned during my stay?

Yes, definitely. But, in some hotels, room cleaning during your stay may be less frequent or on an on-demand basis, to reduce unnecessary contact with staff. At some hotels, in-room facilities such as tea and coffee, minibars and room service may be unavailable to reduce unnecessary contact.

Can I pay for any extras in my hotel by cash?

Some hotels may still accept cash payments, but be prepared for some to accept card payments only. It’s a good idea to take a credit or debit card, like Mastercard and/or Visa, on holiday to pay for anything you need in your destination – make sure your card’s set up to work abroad before you travel.

I have booked a room that has been specially adapted to my needs – will I still get this room?

Unless we get in touch with you before your holiday, you’ll still be staying in the room type on your holiday confirmation. If you have additional welfare needs, please ensure you contact our welfare team on 0203 4512585 before you travel.

Will I be able to travel beyond my hotel?

Absolutely. You’ll need to follow any relevant local guidelines while out and about in your destination. We won’t take you to places where restrictions will significantly impact your holiday, or your enjoyment.

Will I be able to book excursions?

You can book excursions at https://www.gotui.com/uk/ or by using the TUI App, either before you travel or once you’re in your destination. You can also contact us 24/7 by phone, SMS or email to book your excursions. We’re thoroughly assessing all of our excursions, to ensure all of the relevant measures have been put in place to keep you safe and comply with local guidelines. If you do book in resort, ideally you should pay by card. We may also have to reduce group numbers. Some itineraries may be amended to comply with local guidelines, and we advise you to bring antibacterial hand gel to keep your hands clean.

Will there be a buffet?

Whether or not there is a buffet will vary from hotel to hotel. You may now be served by the chefs, rather than serving yourself.

How will restaurants operate?

There may be fewer tables in hotel restaurants. And, to ensure there’s enough time for everyone to enjoy the delicious food on offer, they may be open for longer. Self-service options could be replaced with table service, and any payments will probably be by card, not cash. Some larger hotels may ask you to choose a time slot. You may also be required to wear a face mask when you’re not sat at your table.

Will the pool be open?

Main hotel pools should be open and, as usual, will have set opening and closing times. In some destinations, there may be restrictions on the number of people who can be in the water at any one time. Expect sunbeds and tables and chairs around the pool to be laid out to enable social distancing. At some hotels, indoor pools may not be open or might have restricted opening times.

Will the swim-up bars be open?
Some of our hotels come equipped with swim-up bars. Due to social distancing, some hotels may need to close their swim-up bars if they’re unable to restrict the number of people accessing the area.
Do I have to take my own pool towels?

Pool towels will continue to be provided if this is part of the service your hotel offers.

How will sunbeds work?

Social distancing measures will be applied, and there will be fewer sunbeds around the pool and on the beach to meet social distancing and local authority guidelines. They will also be thoroughly disinfected between use. At some hotels, you may be required to reserve sunbeds in advance.

Will the kids’ club be open?

Some kids’ clubs may be closed and there could be changes to club opening times and numbers, so it’s worth checking before you travel. Creches for infants are likely to be closed – please check before you travel.

What sports will be available?

Some sports will be available at some hotels, but the focus will be on socially distanced games, like tennis.

Will spas and gyms be available?

The availability of spas and range of treatments on offer will vary from hotel to hotel. At some hotels, spas and gyms might not be open or might have restricted opening times. You might also find there are limits on the number of people that can use the facilities at any one time.

Will there be an entertainment programme?

Entertainment will still be on the agenda at many hotels and, where possible, this will take place outdoors.

Can I visit a TUI Store?

We can’t wait to welcome you back to our stores and can now confirm that we’re opening a selection of TUI Stores from the 6th July. Stores will be set up for social distancing, with floor markers, fewer desks and Perspex screens. We’ll be able to help you to find and book your perfect holiday and answer any questions you may have about existing bookings. For now, our travel money services won’t be available, and we’ll be accepting card payments only. Below is a list of the stores that are opening soon. You can also find the store that’s nearest to you by using our TUI Store Finder. Just so you know, store opening hours may vary – call your local store for details.

TUI Stores re-opening on 6th July:
TUI Stores re-opening on 9th July:
TUI Stores re-opening on the 13th July:
TUI Stores re-opening on the 16th July: