Fee-free changes with TUI Flex

Say hello to TUI Flex – your handy holiday extra that gives you fee-free changes on your booking until just before you go.

Having TUI Flex on your booking gives you flexibility if you need to make a change – right up until 28 days before you’re due to travel. That means you can change your date, destination, or hotel fee-free. Plus, you can change passenger names, or get a refund if you’re no longer able to go on holiday*. Read on for all the details.

What's included with TUI Flex?

Change your date, destination or hotel

If you add TUI Flex, you can make one fee-free change to your holiday destination, and/or your hotel. Plus, you can make one change to your departure date – you’ll be able to make these changes separately, or once together, up until 28 days before your departure date.

Change passenger names

With TUI Flex, if you need to change a name on your booking, you can do this fee-free. You can change each name on your booking once, including the lead passenger, up until 28 days before your departure date.

Get a refund if you choose to cancel*

If you’re no longer able to go on holiday, you’ll be able to cancel your booking and receive a refund up until 28 days before your departure date. The only thing we’ll keep is the price you paid for TUI Flex. If one or more passengers on your booking need to cancel, they’re covered by TUI Flex. You’ll just need to pay any difference in room occupancy fees.

Add on TUI Flex

You’ll be able to add TUI Flex during the booking process – you can’t add it after you’ve booked.

You can book TUI Flex alongside your holiday if:

  • You’re due to travel between 1st November 2022 and 31st October 2025

  • Your holiday includes TUI Airways flights

  • Your departure date is more than 90 days away

To use TUI Flex to make changes to your booking, call us on 0203 451 2688. Or, if you booked your holiday through another travel agency, get in touch with them.


What's TUI Flex?

TUI Flex is an extra you can add on to your booking to give you flexibility if you need to make a change – it flexes our standard T&Cs, allowing you to make fee-free changes right up until 28 days before you’re due to go. So, if you need to change your date, destination or hotel, or passenger names, you can do it all fee-free. Plus, if you need to cancel, you’ll get a full refund as long as you cancel your booking outside of 28 days to travel – we’ll just hold on to your TUI Flex fee*.

Can I cancel for free with TUI Flex?

If you need to cancel, and it’s more than 28 days before you travel, your total holiday cost will be refunded back to you. The price you paid for TUI Flex is non-refundable, so we’ll just hold on to that. If you choose to cancel within 28 days of travel, normal T&Cs apply*.

Can I add TUI Flex to all holidays?

TUI Flex can be added to most of our package holidays. However, if you’re travelling to Melbourne Orlando International Airport in Florida, we’re unable to offer TUI Flex. The same applies if you’re not due to travel on a TUI Airways flight or if you’re making a booking to travel in the next 90 days.

How can I add TUI Flex to my booking?

Adding TUI Flex is really easy – first off, you need to find your dream holiday, then once you’ve selected your hotel and clicked ‘continue’ you’ll be taken to our ‘Customise your holiday’ page. After you’ve chosen your flights, seats, luggage and room type, the option to add TUI Flex will be displayed. All you need to do is select ‘with TUI Flex’ to add it to your booking. If you’re making your booking in a TUI Store or with a member of our friendly Contact Centre team, they’ll be able to add it on for you. If you’d like TUI Flex, it’s important to include it when you book as you can’t add it on later.

What happens if I amend my booking with TUI Flex?

Your TUI Flex benefits sit separately, which means if you need to change your date, and then later need to change your destination or hotel, you’re still covered. Or, you can use your TUI Flex benefits once, all at the same time. Plus, you get a fee-free passenger name change for every passenger on the booking.

Can I cancel TUI Flex?

No, once you’ve added TUI Flex to your booking your fee is non-refundable.

What happens if I cancel my booking with TUI Flex within 28 days?

If you choose to cancel your booking within 28 days of travel then normal terms and conditions will apply.

If I've got TUI Flex do I still need travel insurance?

Yes, TUI Flex is not a substitute for travel insurance and it’s still important you and everyone you’re travelling with are insured from the time of booking.

* If you booked on or before 26th July 2022, TUI Flex does not include a free refund if you need to cancel. Any bookings made after this date include this benefit.

TUI Flex is non-refundable – for all the details, read our terms and conditions.