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The flight from London Luton Airport to Malaga Airport on Spain’s Costa del Sol takes just two hours and 50 minutes on average. The flight time can vary from around two hours and 45 minutes to two hours and 55 minutes, depending on wind speed and direction. Most flights arrive in Malaga in less than three hours.

The Luton to Malaga route has a regular schedule, with flights departing weekly on Sundays throughout March, April, and November. Flights are scheduled for early morning departures, giving you more time on the Costa del Sol. For further details on the Luton to Malaga route, see the TUI Flight Timetable.

The flight path between Luton and Malaga is almost a straight route south. You’ll fly down towards Southampton, before crossing the English Channel. You may even be able to spot the Channel Islands. After that, you’ll fly across the Brittany region of France and over the Bay of Biscay to northern Spain. You’ll continue flying south, just west of Bilbao and Madrid, before touching down at Malaga Airport.

November can be an excellent time to find low cost flights from Luton to Malaga as there's less demand at this time of year. However, if you want to travel at a time of year when the Costa del Sol is more lively, spring is perfect. There are some great flight deals available throughout March and April.

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