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August to September

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Flights from Newcastle to Malaga on the Spanish Costa del Sol last just over three hours. The average is three hours and 10 minutes. This can vary by five to 15 minutes, depending on wind and weather conditions.

Flight availability varies according to what month you've chosen to travel. For instance, journeys to Malaga are offered from Newcastle on Sundays in November and March. From April to October you'll also find flights on Thursdays. For more specific details, see the TUI Flight Timetable.

Heading out over the Yorkshire Dales, you'll usually follow a route down through Wales and over the Bristol Channel. Crossing Devon and the English Channel, you'll skim the topmost tip of France. After the Bay of Biscay, you'll enter Spain west of Santander, and continue down through the middle to Malaga on the south coast.

The cheapest time to fly from Newcastle to Malaga is typically in November. Seat prices are also very affordable in March and October. You'll usually find some good summer deals even in August and September, the periods of peak demand.

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