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2 Hours 45 Mins

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June to August

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Flights from Manchester to Alicante on Spain's Costa Blanca usually take a little less than three hours. A typical flight duration is two hours 45 to two hours 55 minutes, depending on the speed and direction of the wind and other weather conditions.

While many flight departures vary depending on what time of year you want to travel, this route offers a regular flight schedule. You can fly to Alicante from Manchester on Tuesdays and Saturdays, all year round. For more details, see the TUI Flight Timetable (

The flight from Manchester usually takes you down towards Portsmouth and over the English Channel. You'll probably cross Normandy and skim down western France, before crossing the Pyrenees into Spain. Then you'll turn slightly west to pass Valencia, before touching down at Alicante on the east coast.

The cheapest month to fly from Manchester to Alicante is usually November, with prices tending to rise a little each month until April. Although deals are still available, summer is when flights are in their highest demand. September is likely to be the most expensive month.

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