Robinson holidays offer state-of-the-art facilities, healthy food, beautiful pools and stunning locations – perfect whether you’re travelling as a family or with a group of friends.

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A wow-factor location is just the start of your Robinson holiday. Each day and night offers a vast array of activities, entertainment and great, healthy food, all served up by a highly trained team.

No two days are the same. Whether morning or evening, Robinson present you with a seemingly never-ending list of activities to occupy your body and engage your mind. Dive into the cool sea and snorkel for fish, or captain a catamaran as it slices through the blue waters. Commandeer your own paddleboard, catch a wave surfing or cycle with the kids – Robinson is all about providing activities that stimulate and relax.

Delicious, healthy food is always at hand. Expect your joints to be loosened, your body to be toned and your stomach filled. Inspiring, delicious food is always on offer, from the generous breakfasts to the nutritious lunches and dinners, proving that food doesn’t have to be calorific to be tasty. Wellfood menus are provided at every restaurant, ensuring you don’t undo all the good work from your active week. Expect all the latest superfoods, from healthy grains like quinoa to goji-berry smoothies, helping you get the most from your food and your workouts.

High-octane experiences with your family. Family time is paramount, which is why all the Robinson resorts are child-friendly. The Ruby Kids Clubs offer the smallest family members an opportunity to experience new things too. So if you want to go off and do something during the day, trained babysitters will look after your little ones in a safe and fun environment.

State-of-the-art experiences. Holidays are all about not having to choose. At Robinson you can enjoy a morning yoga session followed by a tennis lesson, rounded off by a gin cocktail in front of a rich red sunset and a succulent dinner, all in one day.


From high-octane sports to nutritious dinners, here are the Robinson highlights.


Wellfit® gyms and exercise classes are lead by professional instructors, so you can experiment with activities you may not have tried before, such as hot yoga. The exercise classes are bold and adventurous, designed to make you work really hard, whether it’s step aerobics or sling yoga.


High-tech sports and leisure facilities are on hand in every hotel. Guests have the use of brand-new bikes and sporting equipment, the tennis courts are smooth and frequently resurfaced, while the pools are enormous and set up for serious swimmers as well as those just wanting a quiet dip.


Lagoons teeming with wildlife, unspoiled beaches and coral-filled waters – Robinson resorts are all beautiful, spacious and are designed to protect the natural habitat. Select from a Portuguese village bordering a nature reserve, a Moroccan palace opening out onto the sands or a honey-toned hotel that hems both the desert and Red Sea. Just three of the many wide open places that Robinson calls home.


Looking for a more low-key change-of-pace? Not all activities at Robinson are high-octane. For a more creative outlet, try out one of the fabulous cookery courses or art sessions.