Introducing PortAventura - Spain’s biggest theme park…

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PortAventura is Spain’s first and most popular theme park. Don’t believe us? Just ask the four million visitors who pass through its turnstiles each year.

The park boasts an impressive roll call of rides, catering for adrenaline-seekers, slower-paced sorts, and children alike. You’ve got bars, restaurants and theatres scattered throughout the resort, which is also home to a beach, a waterpark, and a clutch of hotels. And for the first time in Europe you will be able to enjoy FerrariLand, which is dedicated to the world of Ferraris. An exciting new experience for everyone, whether you love racing or not.

The park is split into six zones – México, China, Far West, Polynesia, Mediterrània and SésamoAventura. Each one has a really authentic feel – think mariachi music in Mexico and Tibetan wind chimes in China.. Here’s a closer look at each area…



Lake Furius Baco

This is the first area you encounter when arriving at the park. It resembles a charming Mediterranean fishing village, like those along the Costa Brava and the Costa Daurada. The show piece in this zone is Furius Baco, which dramatically catapults you horizontally in a shuttle from 0 to 135 km/h in three seconds. Known as a wing coaster – because the seats hang either side of the track, like wings – the ride launches you to nearly 84 miles an hour in under four seconds.



Polynesia zone

You’ll feel like you’re trekking through the jungle in this zone, which is themed around the tropical islands of the South Pacific. Attractions here include Tukuti Splash, a log flume that shoots you out of an erupting volcano, and Sea Odyssey, which uses 4D effects to take you to the bottom of the ocean.



China zone Rollercoaster

Two of the park’s most intense rides are located here. The Dragon Khan rollercoaster is one of PortAventura’s very first rides and boasts eight inversions. Then there’s Shambhala: Expedition to the Himalayas, one of the park’s newest attractions. This hypercoaster is the tallest in Europe, and also has the longest drop of any coaster on the continent. Little ones get an area of China to themselves, too, where they can scramble across the back of a mythical dragon, before sliding out of the beast’s mouth.



Hurakan Condor Mexico zone

Hurakan Condor is the big name in this area of the park. It’s a 100-metre-high drop tower, and you can choose to ride seated, slightly tilted forward, or in a standing position. The zone is themed around Mayan Mexico, with temples, statues, and an iconic step pyramid at the entrance to one of the park’s theatres. The shops in México offer lovely handmade souvenirs, too, including trinkets made from Mexican silver.


Far West


Experience life in the Wild West in PortAventura’s biggest zone. It’s styled like an authentic village from the American frontier, with wooden saloons, a canyon, and a raging river. It’s also where you’ll find Stampida, a classic wooden rollercoaster with a twist. You can choose from one of two tracks that run side-by-side, representing two racing herds of buffalo.



SésamoAventura entrance Magic Fish

If you’ve got children in tow, you’ll want to make this zone your first port of call. It’s the home of the Sesame Street gang, so look out for Bert, Ernie, Big Bird and co, who’ll be wandering around. There are play areas, street shows, and mini-sized rides, like Magic Fish, where you sit in colourful fish that skip across the water.



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