Hungary River Cruises

Journey along Hungary’s scenic waterways with TUI and let the Danube unveil a tapestry of history and beauty on unforgettable river cruises.

Where we sail in Hungary

River cruises to Hungary serve up castle-crowned cities, history-filled streets and rural village retreats. Budapest is the city that goes biggest, which is no surprise given that it’s the capital. It’s on the western banks of the Danube – which draws a squiggly line down the middle of the country – and boasts famous thermal baths, ruin bars and grand, Romanesque and Gothic architecture. In the south, close to the Croatian border, the town of Mohacs offers a more traditional view of Hungarian life, thanks to its daintier size.

Heading north

Switch your attention to the northern border, where Hungary nudges Slovakia, and you’ll see Esztergom. Its grand basilica is a real eye-catcher, and the surrounding streets are great for authentic Hungarian fare. You’ll leave the river behind when you drop anchor in Kalocsa – the port’s separate from the actual town, which is a short drive inland. It’s got a reputation as the planet’s paprika capital, and has a striking custard-coloured palace in its centre.

Our Recommended Shore Excursions In Hungary

Hungary river cruises place some must-try daytrips at your fingertips. Roam the streets of Budapest on a tour of its architectural best bits, or head out for dinner and drinks in the evening. It’s a great jumping off point for exploring the ranches and wetlands of the Great Hungarian Plain – this vast area covers more than half of the country. The churches and war memorials of Mohacs pay a lot of attention to Hungary’s history books, and you can visit the biggest basilica in the country on a train ride to Ezstergom.

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