Croatia River Cruises

Discover Croatia’s hidden gems on a TUI River Cruise, where ancient cities and stunning landscapes await your exploration.

Where we sail in Croatia

Coastal Croatia’s not the only part worth exploring. Our Croatia river cruises take you down the Danube to the country’s eastern shoulder. The city of Vukovar’s throwing distance from the Serbian border, which is the reason for its well-documented past. It’s often dubbed the Hero Town for its role in Croatia’s War for Independence with Yugoslavia. The whole place was almost completely flattened after an 87-day siege, known as the Battle of Vukovar, when 2,000 Croatian civilians defended the town against 40,000 heavily armed Serbian soldiers and their tanks. As far as battles go, it was quite recent – the fighting took place in 1991, which also makes it the only European city to be entirely destroyed since World War Two.

Wartime wonder

Today, Vukovar’s like a living wartime museum. There are reminders of the past everywhere you turn – from a bullet-peppered water towerto a museum in the hospital’s basement. History aside, the riverfront’s the place to be in present-day Vukovar. It’s dotted with restaurants, or you can catch boats out to sandy Ada island, in the middle of the Danube River.

Our Recommended Shore Excursions In Croatia

History’s the highlight on Vukovar excursions. The best way to get to grips with the city’s war-torn past is on a guided walking tour. You’ll see all kinds of marks of the city’s past, with a focus on the infamous Battle of Vukovar in the Nineties. You can take a closer look at the damaged water tower, which really gives you a feel for the 87-day siege. Plus, you can stroll through the car-free shopping area, where souvenirs for sale include ceramic doves – a symbol of peace. Tempted? Visit our European river cruise deals page for the latest offers.

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