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  1. Is First Choice becoming TUI as well?

    No, First Choice will stay just as it is – the home of all inclusive, with its individual name, holidays, and offers. You’ll still be able to book your First Choice holiday in a TUI store once we changeover, and on our website, if you previously booked that way.

  2. How do you say TUI?

    TUI is pronounced “too-ee”. You might also notice that our smile logo spells out TUI, too.

  3. When will these changes happen?

    Thomson will become TUI in autumn 2017. You may have already seen the famous TUI smile logo when you’ve been on holiday with us – in your resort, on our planes and coaches, and on our team’s uniforms. We’ve been part of the world of TUI for years, after all.



  1. Is my holiday still ATOL protected?

    When it comes to holidays you’ve booked or holidays you’re just about to book, everything has the same protections and the same service as before. So if it was ATOL protected before our name changed, it will have that protection after.

  2. I want to book a holiday, what should I do?

    That’s great – if you’ve found a Thomson holiday that you love, go right ahead and get it booked. Nothing about our change will affect holidays you have with us, before or after Thomson changes to TUI. So there’s no reason you can’t book what you want, when you want. Some of our most popular holidays sell out long before the departure date – if you want to get the hotel and flights you prefer, it’s best to book early.

  3. I’ve already booked a holiday with Thomson. How will these changes affect my holiday?

    Your booking won’t be affected at all. We’ll take care of all the details, so all you have to do is look forward to your holiday.

    Any payments you’ve made are perfectly safe. If you still need to pay the balance of your holiday, you pay it to the same place as you paid the deposit. Just keep an eye out for our red smile logo when you go away with us, and let TUI take care of the rest.

    Make sure you check your emails carefully for your e-tickets – there’s a small chance, when we change to, that your email provider will send the message to your junk folder. So please keep a close eye out.



  1. What’s happening to Thomson Couples?

    Have you seen TUI SENSIMAR? It’s our adults-only concept that replaced Thomson Couples. Stylish holidays in beautiful locations, where you can relax and reconnect in luxurious surroundings.

  2. What’s happening to Small and Friendly?

    Small and Friendly isn’t going anywhere. We love our authentic Small and Friendly hotels and we’ll still be offering the same great holidays when we’re TUI. We’ll just have more to offer, too. If you know what you love and want to come back to your favourites, they’ll be right here waiting for you.

  3. What’s happening to Thomson A la Carte?

    Our A la Carte holidays aren’t going anywhere. We love our specially-chosen A la Carte hotels and we’ll still be offering them when we’re TUI. We’ll just have more to offer, too. If you know what you love and want to come back to your favourites, they’ll be right here waiting for you.

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