17) Which documents do I need to take to the airport if I've checked in online?

TUI flights
You'll need to bring your home printed boarding pass or confirmation of check-in document and your passport to show before you board the plane. 

The same service is also available for the following airlines: 
Air Europa, Albastar, ASL Airlines France, ASL Airlines Ireland, Evelop Airlines, Germania, Norwegian, Travel Service, Volotea. 
Your boarding pass
When you check in online, you'll get boarding passes or Confirmation of Check In for both your outward and return flights. You'll need to print out each boarding pass on its own individual A4 page. If you can't print them, you can collect them from the TUI bag drop desk or at the check in desk of your airline when you arrive at the airport.

Your boarding pass will have a barcode that needs to be scanned, so there should be no rips and tears in it. It's an official security document, so you'll need to keep it safe until you've arrived at your destination. We can't accept any unclear, faded or blurry boarding passes, and we reserve the right to deny boarding or cancel your reservation if you don't have the documentation you need. 

If you're unsure why you received a Confirmation of Check-in rather than a Boarding Pass please see "Why did I get a Confirmation of Check-in document instead of a boarding pass when I checked in online?"

If you can't print your boarding passes, you can collect them from any TUI Holiday Store, from the TUI bag drop desk or at the check in desk of your airline when you arrive at the airport.

NEW You can now check-in online anytime, anywhere, even on your mobile. Mobile boarding passes are also available on selected routes. Go to the Flight Extras page to find out more.