10) What things can't I take in my hand luggage and my hold luggage?

Please read through the information on our  List of allowed items page. Here you'll find a list of items that can be carried in your hand luggage and hold luggage. 
For a list of restricted items, please read through our luggage guidelines page.

Travelling to the US?
New measures came into effect on 30th June 2018 meaning that you may be subject to security searches at the boarding gate on any flight to and from the USA. Also, you'll only be allowed to carry powder substances in your hand luggage in quantities less than 12oz or 350ml - there are exemptions to this such as medically prescribed powders with a supporting doctor's note, baby formula and cremated ashes. All other powder-like substances need to be in your checked in hold luggage.
These regulations also apply on flights from Jamaica - Montego Bay Airport - and Dominican Republic - Puerta Plata and Punta Cana - as these flights fly over the USA.