8) I'm on the My Booking page. When I click on Select Seats, nothing happens - what's going wrong?

TUI flights
Firstly, make sure that you've entered your email address in the lead customer email box at the top of the page.  This is the address that we'll use to send confirmation of your selected seats, any extras you book and any special assistance you request.

It's also worth mentioning that if it's more than 90 days until your flight home, the seat plan won't be open yet. You'll need to come back to the website within 90 days of your return flight date to choose your seats on the plane. It will also only show you availability of the seat type you have chosen i.e. If you have purchased Select Your Seat, you won't be able to see Premium, Seats with Extra Legroom or Seats with Extra Space. If you would like a seat upgrade you will need to purchase it before going into the seat map.