6) Do I need a visa for my Marella cruise?

Visit www.fco.gov.uk/travel or call 0845 850 2829. There may be specific entry requirements for under-18s, depending on your destination. For example, if a young person is travelling without both parents, there may be extra costs and they may need extra legal documents such as an affidavit, from a notary public. Always check with the consulate or embassy of the country you're travelling to before you book.

We've partnered with CIBTvisas to help with all your visa requirements. You can visit out portal at www.cibtvisas.co.uk/marella for specific visa information for your cruise.
Visa requirements are subject to change, be sure to check with CIBT closer to your sailing date. Please make sure you have printed copies of all travel and visa paperwork with you when checking in for your flights. If you do not have the valid visas required you may be denied boarding at the airport in the UK and not allowed to travel.

When filling out your application for an Indian or Sri Lankan Visa you will be asked to enter an address on the visa application. Please use the below information.  

Intercruises Shoreside & Port Services c/o J.M. Baxi & Co
Godrej Coliseum,
C wing,
Behind Everard Nagar,
400 022,
Sri Lanka
Aitken Spence Shipping Ltd
Aitken Spence Tower 1,
6th Floor
305, Vauxhall Street,
Colombo 02,
Sri Lanka
T: +94 112 308150