2) Can I take my pet with me?

TUI flights
We can carry pets on most TUI flights - we know your pet is important to you and for health risk reasons we don’t carry snub-nosed breeds. We also don’t carry any dangerous breeds, or any pets that are a cross with a dangerous breed.   

Get in touch with our Cargo Department on 0208 757 4732, or email pets@ecsgroup.aero to check if we can take your pet. Calls from UK landlines cost the standard rate, but calls from mobiles may be higher. Check with your network provider.

If you're travelling to Europe, your pet will just need a pet passport. If you're going further afield, you'll need to contact the embassy of the country you're travelling to.
How your pet will travel
Your pet can usually go on the same flight as you, but it'll need to travel in the cargo hold, where the temperature and air pressure is controlled. 

Travel boxes must be fitted with a water container which is refilled before departure, but your pet won't be fed during the flight.  In fact, we recommend you feed your pet a small meal no more than five hours before departure - it's better they fly on an empty stomach.
We don't allow a pet to be sedated in case it has a reaction that could affect its health.

Flights with other airlines
If you're travelling with another airline, their policy may be different.  Contact us before you book so we can check for you.