2) Can I take an assistance dog?

A registered assistance dog with any of the below charities can travel with you in the cabin if you're flying with TUI.

 - Guide dogs for the blind
 - Hearing dogs for the deaf
 - Support dogs
 - Dogs for the disabled
 - Canine Partners

If your assistance dog is not registered to one of these charities we will need the name of your registered charity to look into this further.

Just so you know, your dog will need a Pet Passport - we'll need to see a copy of this before you travel - and you'll need to book a separate seat for it, at no extra charge.

Give us a call on 020 3451 2585 and we'll call you back.

Flying with another airline?
If you're travelling with another airline, their policy may be different. Give us a call before you book so we can check for you.