1. Are there tea and coffee making facilities in the Marella Cruise cabins?

  2. What's the check-out time on my Marella Cruise?

  3. Is there a dress code onboard my Marella Cruise?

  4. What time does the All Inclusive start and end on a Marella Cruise?

  5. Will there be ballroom and latin dancing opportunities onboard my Marella Cruise?

  6. Do you hold card tournaments in the onboard casinos?

  7. Is Wi-Fi available onboard my Marella Cruise?

  8. Can I smoke onboard a Marella Cruise ship?

  9. How much does it cost to make a call from a Marella Cruise ship?

  10. What currency is used onboard a Marella Cruise?

  11. Is there a currency exchange onboard my Marella Cruise ship?

  12. Can I withdraw cash with my account card?

  13. What's included in the Celebrate in Style package?

  14. What's the cost of a Celebration of Vows package?

  15. What's included in the Marella Cruises Celebration of Vows?

  16. How old do I need to be to go on a Marella Cruise shore excursion or leave the ship on my own?

  17. How old do I need to be to use the Marella Cruise ship facilities like the spa, gym, casino, disco and bars?

  18. When can I buy duty free goods onboard a Marella Cruise ship?

  19. Can I take electrical items onboard a Marella Cruise ship?

  20. Are pool towels provided on the Marella Cruise ship?

  21. Are there baby changing facilities onboard the Marella Cruise ships?

  22. Can I take a travel iron on a Marella Cruise ship?

  23. How much are drinks onboard Marella Cruises?

  24. What are the options for settling my onboard account?

  25. What is the charge for a safety deposit box onboard my Marella Cruise?

  26. Which cabins on a Marella Cruise ship have baths?

  27. What draught beers do you offer onboard a Marella Cruise?

  28. Are children and babies allowed in the pools onboard a Marella Cruise?

  29. Do all the Marella Cruise ships have a hair salon onboard?

  30. How big are the cabins onboard Marella Cruise ships?

  31. Can I bring a drone onboard?

  32. Will the Euro's 2024 be shown onboard?

22) Can I take a travel iron on a Marella Cruise ship?

You may take a travel iron on the ship, however if the device is determined to pose a hazard they will be removed and returned on the last day of the cruise prior to disembarkation. There's also a laundry service onboard the ships where you can pay for your clothes to be pressed on-demand. If you've chosen a cabin with premier service, you get a free pressing service for the formal night.