9) Can a Marella Cruise cater for customers who are deaf, hard of hearing, blind or visually impaired?

Customers with sensory impairments are welcome, but please be aware that access to the facilities on board, gangway access, and tenders ashore can be difficult. We recommend that anyone who is hard of hearing or has vision impairments should always be accompanied by a fit and able companion to guide and assist them.

Making sure your well-being is looked after at all times while you're onboard is really important to us. If you need help with daily tasks, like using the bathroom, eating, or moving around the ship, you'll need to travel with a companion or a personal assistant who can help you. Unfortunately, our crew aren't able to help with these kinds of responsibilities. If you're travelling alone - or your travel companion can no longer help you - and it becomes clear to us that your well-being's at risk, we'll have a chat with you about your options regarding your cruise, and help plot the next course of action. 

We've also teamed up with AccessAble to provide detailed access guides for all of our ships. Here you'll find detailed information you may need to work out if the ship is going to be accessible to you.