#YourBigDay – What Not To Say In Your Best Man Speech

“It’s just three weeks until Jodie and Tim tie the knot in Mexico, so the final preparations are underway – dress fittings, practicing vows and speech writing”

Are you stuck trying to write a Best Man speech? Here’s our guide on what not to say……

  • #YourBigDay – What Not To Say In Your Best Man Speech

    Are you stuck trying to write a Best Man speech? Here’s our guide on what not to say…

    We don’t envy the Best Man’s job. The most anticipated speech of the night has to get the right balance of humour, embarrassing stories and entertainment while keeping the family happy. Sounds almost like an impossible task, right? To make sure you don’t make any massive blunders, here are the top things to avoid…

    1. Private jokes that no-one else will get.

    Cue tumbleweed. Whatever you and your best mate found funny in Year 9 probably won’t cut it now.

    2. Talking about yourself.

    Just because you’re the Best Man at the wedding, doesn’t mean you’re the best man in the whole world – so stop bringing it all back to you (in the words of S Club 7).

    3. Personal announcements.

    See above. You might be next in line to get married or have a baby, but mid-speech is not the time to drop any bombshells and overshadow the main event.

    4. Seriously inappropriate secrets.

    We love those embarrassing stories and cringe-worthy moments, but remember there’s a LINE. If in doubt, find a nan to evaluate your speech before unleashing it on the unsuspecting wedding party.

    5. More than 5 pages.

    A speech that’s longer than the ceremony itself is no way to get the party started. There’s no need to thank every single guest or go through every year of the groom’s life in detail.

    6. Bringing up the ex.

    Just no.

    7. Break-up banter.

    Divorce jokes or mentioning previous break-ups is awkward at the best of times. And this is especially true on someone’s wedding day.

    8. Being creepy

    You can do the obligatory ‘don’t the bridesmaids look lovely’ bit without lingering on this moment for too long.

    9. Copy and pastes from the internet.

    Getting all your material from is a recipe for a really unoriginal speech that people will probably have heard before.

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Author: Selina Akhtar