UK Holiday Calendar 2012

“Wondering what date Easter falls this year? Or when the 2012 bank holidays hit? Then take a look at our handy holiday calendar…”

“Wondering what date Easter falls”

this year? Or when the 2012 bank holidays hit? Then take a look at our handy holiday calendar……

  • UK Holiday Calendar 2012

    Queen Elizabeth iiWondering what date Easter falls this year? Or when the 2012 bank holidays hit? Then take a look at our handy holiday calendar… Don’t forget to bookmark this page.

    We’ve listed below the main UK holiday dates to help you get the most out of your year ahead. If you’re looking to save on annual leave, for example, you might want to book the rest of the week off after the Queen’s Jubilee. That way, you get 9 days off work for the price of 3. Plus, as well as bank and public holidays, we’ve included some other important dates – like the opening and closing ceremony of the Olympics. Image: Bikeworldtravel /

    January 1st – New Year’s Day (actual)

    January 2nd – New Year’s Day (substitute bank holiday)

    January 25th – Burns’ Night

    February 14th – Valentine’s Day

    February 21st – Shrove Tuesday (AKA Pancake Day)

    February 22nd – Ash Wednesday

    March 1st – St David’s Day

    March 17th – St Patrick’s Day

    March 18th – Mother’s Day

    March 25th – British summertime begins (clocks go forward)

    April 1st – Palm Sunday/April Fool’s Day

    April 5th – Maundy Thursday

    April 6th – Good Friday (public holiday)

    April 8th – Easter Sunday

    April 9th – Easter Monday (bank holiday UK & Wales)

    April 21st – Queen Elizabeth’s birthday

    April 23rd – St George’s Day

    May 7th – Early May Bank Holiday

    June 4th – Spring Bank Holiday

    June 5th – Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Bank Holiday

    June 17th – Father’s Day

    July 27th – London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony

    August 6th – Summer Bank Holiday (Scotland)

    August 12th – London 2012 Olympics closing ceremony

    August 27th – Summer Bank Holiday (UK & Wales)

    October 28th – British summertime ends (clocks go back)

    October 31st – Halloween

    November 1st – All Saints Day

    November 5th – Bonfire Night

    November 11th – Remembrance Day

    November 30th – St Andrew’s Day (public holiday in Scotland)

    December 25th – Christmas Day (public holiday)

    December 26th – Boxing Day (bank holiday)

    December 31st – New Year’s Eve/Hogmanay

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Author: Katie Gregory