6 Of The Best Travel Journals

“Forget laptops, tablets and smartphones, what we really want to cure our post-Christmas blues is a good, old-fashioned travel journal”

Here’s our pick of the bunch……

  • 6 Of The Best Travel Journals

    Forget laptops, tablets and smartphones, what we really want to cure our post-Christmas blues is a good, old-fashioned travel journal. Here’s our pick of the bunch…

    Remember the days when you’d scribble your innermost thoughts in a diary each night? Nowadays we’re more likely to pop an appointment in our iPhone or schedule a meeting on our Mac than actually, you know, write something down.

    But as much as we love technology – there wouldn’t be much of a Thomson Blog without it – we also love the feeling of putting pen and paper. If you want to join us in channelling your inner explorer and jotting down the highlights of your next holiday, then invest in one of these amazing journals. And if you’re feeling really nostalgic, you could even print out some photos and stick them into it – old-school indeed…

    1. The inspirational one

    Nothing will scream travel journal to your fellow holidaymakers more than a notebook with a multi-coloured world map on the cover. The front of this A5 beauty, printed in England by Bookishly, also features our new favourite phrase – “the world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” Inside you’ll find 244 plain white pages, so plenty of room for all those notes, lists, doodles and sketches. RRP £11.99.

    2. The listography one

    Not sure what to write in a travel journal? Never fear, because this amazing, illustrated travelogue by Deservedly So, contains all kinds of lists for you to complete. Rank the cities and countries you’ve visited or are yet to tick off your bucket list, rate your favourite world cuisines, or go crazy and list the places you’d love to time travel too. Perfect for list makers of all ages. RRP £15.

    3. The arty one

    Downtown New York, a chocolate box Alpine village and a lakeside VW campervan all make an appearance on the covers of Sukie’s beautifully-illustrated travel journals. With silk screen-printed covers, each design also has pockets inside for storing tickets and souvenirs. If you need another reason to invest, they’re all made from 100% recycled paper. So you can feel extra smug. RRP £12.

    4. The timeless one

    If you love timeless style, then invest in this gorgeous journal by Oh So Cherished, with its good-enough-to-eat Italian leather cover. Handcrafted in England, there’s a miniature lock and key to keep your memories safe, as well as 280 pages of heavy-duty recycled paper for you to scrawl on. Treat yourself to this and it’ll feel like Christmas all over again – it comes wrapped in layers of black tissue and nestled in a gift box. RRP £48.99.

    5. The trendy one

    “I’d rather be at the beach” is something we tell our boss quite often here at Thomson Towers. And now we don’t even have to say it out loud, thanks to this Studio M sketchbook by uber-stylish German brand, nuuna. Luckily, its neon styling looks just as good in boardroom here in Bedfordshire as it does on the beach in Mauritius. Inside, you’ll find 160 pages of heavy-weight white paper for you to deface. RRP £18.50.

    6. The one that makes a great gift

    Already dreading the summer wedding season? Atlas & I – the brainchild of designer Sophie Kirkpatrick – offers gorgeous personalised leather photo albums and journals, which will make present buying for awkward newlyweds a breeze. Simply choose a town or village in England and an 18th century map of the area will be printed onto the softest cowhide. RRP £95 for a photo album or £38 for a journal.

    Where will you take your travel journal next?

Author: Laura Crombie