#ShoreThing – Top 5 Thomson Cruises Excursions In Mexico

“Ahoy there landlubbers”

We're taking you on a 14-day virtual cruise to our top destinations, giving you the lowdown on everything you can do…

  • #ShoreThing – Top 5 Thomson Cruises Excursions In Mexico

    Ahoy there landlubbers. We’re taking you on a 14-day virtual cruise to our top destinations, giving you the lowdown on everything you can do. Whether you’re an outdoor adventurer, a history buff or a cocktail-enthusiast, we’ve got it covered. Ready to hop onboard? Our first port of call is Cozumel in Mexico…

    Cozumel, a Mexican island located in the Caribbean Sea, is truly a paradise to behold. Surrounded by crystal-clear water, pure white beaches and exotic marine life, the natural beauty is truly breathtaking. From snorkelling with turtles to exploring the magnificent Mayan ruins, Cozumel is a #ShoreThing for unforgettable experiences. Here are our top Cozumel shore excursions which you can book right now…

    1. Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins

    Chichen Itza, the Mayan people’s most famous legacy, offers spectacular insight into times gone by. Experience this architectural wonder yourself with a guided tour of the Mayan city, which has existed since 750AD. You’ll also see the Temple of Warriors and Great Ball Court, where an early take on basketball was contested. Once you’ve discovered the hidden meanings behind the layout of the ancient city, reward yourself with a delectable serving of authentic Mexican cuisine such as lime soup and Yucatan barbecued chicken.


    2. Tulum Mayan Ruins & Beach

    Drive through entrancing scenery to the famous ruins of Tulum, where a tour will grant you fascinating insight into its history. Perched on a picturesque cliff overlooking the tranquil Caribbean Sea, Tulum is arguably the jewel in the crown of Mexico’s archaeological wonders. Discover El Castillo, a shrine-like pyramid; the aptly named Temple of Frescoes, an ancient observatory; and the Temple of Descending God, named after a carving of an upside-down figure over the doorway.

    3. Xel-Ha Natural Wonders

    Thanks to a rare inlet where fresh water and salt water collide, this aquatic paradise is a haven for all variants of sea life. This natural aquarium is nothing short of spectacular; it houses schools of vibrantly rainbow-coloured fish and rare sea turtles swimming around the living coral, which has marvellously created the enormous Great Maya Reef nearby. Xel-Ha also hosts an elaborate network of fresh springs and tropical lagoons. Once you’ve been guided around, there’s ample time for swimming, diving, exploring the jungle trails, or simply unwinding next to the lagoon. Top this all off with a nibble at the shorefront grill.


    4. Cozumel Highlights

    Don’t know where to voyage to first? Then combine sights, scenery and shopping in one all-encompassing tour. Kick off your day with a trip to the Discover Mexico theme park and check out miniature replicas of the country’s most iconic monuments, before travelling to El Cedral – the island’s first human settlement and home to remarkable Mayan ruins. Then depart for El Mirador, a ruggedly striking rock formation that protrudes from the sea. Over on the east coast, experience the nation’s favourite tipple with a visit to the Hacienda Antigua tequila museum. Finish off with a visit to Cozumel’s shopping district to grab a few treats.

    5. Mini Speed Boat, Snorkel & Beach Experience

    If you’re looking to live life to the full, then a speedboat ride and snorkelling excursion is for you. Whiz across waves, snorkel in the azure ocean, and then relax on the beach. You’ll head to the north-western shore, where a two-seater speedboat will be ready to whisk you out into the Caribbean Sea. Get the chance to sit behind the wheel, before diving in the water to admire 500 species of tropical fish in the largest coral reef in the Americas. Spend the rest of the afternoon lounging on the beach, letting yourself drift away to the soothing sound of the waves, taking a dip in warm waters and topping up your tan.


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Author: Thomson Holidays