#YourBigDay – The Final Countdown

“The wedding dress is packed”

The speeches are written…

  • #YourBigDay – The Final Countdown

    The wedding dress is packed. The speeches are written. The Champagne’s on ice. All that’s left is for Natalie and Kriss to fly to Cyprus for their one-of-a-kind wedding…

    After months of counting down the days – and tracking all the voting for the key elements of their wedding on Thomson’s Facebook page – it’s finally time for Natalie and Kriss to jet off to Cyprus for their big day. We’re guessing ‘excited’ doesn’t even come close to describing how they’re feeling. So – as we’ve done over the past few weeks – let’s hand over to our winning couple to hear in their own words what the final countdown’s been like for them…

    She says…

    Well, here we are in the last few days to go. It’s been an extremely busy time these last few weeks, since we’ve both celebrated our birthdays. What’s more, my beautiful best friend and matron of honour, Polly, got married in the amazing Welsh countryside. Our eldest son, Jake, started school, and to top it off we’re moving house as I type, ready for our new army start when we get back. So, we’re currently sleeping on air beds with some unfortunate punctures, surrounded by suitcases. Some of them are filled with clothes for Cyprus, and some with clothes for our move.

    We’ve finally finished all the gift bags and need a separate suitcase just for wedding bits. All the mini-buses and taxis are booked for a 5am pick-up – the boys won’t be pleased with that! I think the girls are planning on not going to bed. We shall see.

    We ordered some white baby pumps online for our youngest son, Alfie’s, wedding outfit, which haven’t arrived! Not sure what we can do about that now. Hopefully we’ll be able to find some in the next few days. All the boarding passes are printed, passports and insurance are sorted, and we cannot wait to see the plane and finally jet off. It’s been a long time coming.

    He says…

    Our wedding is finally here, and I’m now starting to feel overly-excited about the idea of Natalie becoming my wife. I’m also a little bit nervous about it all and how the day will turn out, but I’m looking forward to finally getting out there and marrying Nat.

    As Nat mentioned, we’ve also had the added stresses of packing up our house to move temporarily into her parent’s home, while we wait to get a house up in Catterick. We’re looking forward to getting on the plane and putting the whole move behind us. Everyone else is excited to be joining us out there for our amazing wedding.

    My close friend, Richie, has now become my best man due to unforeseen circumstances and the first thing he could say was, “Cheers mate, I’ve got to write a speech now.” He cracks me up.

    The wedding party has been making sure all their friends on Facebook know all about the trip. Nat’s brother, Jason, commented, ‘Packed in 15 minutes boom! #packedlikeaboss’

    Meanwhile, Nat’s sister’s status read:

    Suitcase packed, check.
    New sunnies, check.
    Spray tan done, check.
    Let the wedding/holibobs commence!

    One of the few regrets we have is that we couldn’t have everyone out there to join us on our wedding day, but at least we have our close family and friends. We’d like to thank Thomson for this amazing chance for Nat and I to get married, and the support of all who’ve been involved. We still can’t believe we have won, so a big thank you again.

    We’d like to wish Natalie and Kriss all the best for their wedding on Sunday! And, don’t worry, we’ll be bringing you all the best bits from their big day here on the blog.

Author: El Berwick