Super Bowl Interactive Infographic

“The highlight of the NFL year is just around the corner, and with last year's winners, the Green Bay Packers, out of the running, things are looking very interesting for the big game”

  • Super Bowl Interactive Infographic

    The Vital Stats of All Super Bowl Matches Ever – In One Interactive Graphic

    The highlight of the NFL year is just around the corner. And this year’s final is set to be a repeat of the 2008 Super Bowl – New England Patriots v New York Giants.

    Whether you’re an expert or not, our interactive infographic will give you a rapid overview of the last time these 2 teams met in the Super Bowl – as well as info on the last 45 Super Bowls should you wish to browse around.

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    The graph jumps upwards every time somebody scored, which allows you to quickly grasp the shape of the game. As you can see from the image above, the last time the Giants and Patriots played, it was a close call for the full match, with the Giants securing victory with a late touchdown.

    Supporting stats and graphs underneath the chart will enable avid fans (and the more curious amongst you) to dig a little deeper to find out where the game was won and lost.

    The stats for the 2008 game show the Patriots played more of a passing game, whereas the Giants opted for rushing more often. Despite this, both of the Giants touchdowns actually came from passing. And the Patriots managed 1 score by passing and 1 by rushing.

    The Giants played a bigger game overall, with a higher average gain on both rushing and passing. Apart from that, there was little difference between the 2 teams. There was only 1 field goal attempt during the whole game, which the Giants converted successfully. And in the end, it was a 3 point difference that handed NFL’s most coveted prize to the Giants.

    How the Graphic Works – Browsing by Team

    We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to navigate your way around the menus.  When using the graphic, you can browse by year or by team.  To browse by team, select the team tab at the top:

    Then select a team from the drop-down menu.

    You will then see all the years that specific team has made it to the Super Bowl.

    You can then click through each year to see the difference in the games – which were a bit of a cruise, and which were more of a long slugged-out battle?

    Browsing by Year

    To browse by year, simply select the ‘year’ tab.

    Then use the drop-down menu to select the year you wish to view.

    Using the instructions above, you can quickly browse some of the hottest clashes throughout the history of the game.

    Sources: NFL and USA Today

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Author: Osman Khan