#YourBigDay: Natalie & Kriss Go Shopping

“In the lead up to our winning couple’s big day in Cyprus, they’re going to be sharing how they’re feeling, in their own words”

In our first instalment, Natalie and Kriss reflect on shopping for their wedding outfits…

  • #YourBigDay: Natalie & Kriss Go Shopping

    In the lead up to our winning couple’s big day in Cyprus, they’re going to be sharing how they’re feeling, in their own words. In our first instalment, Natalie and Kriss reflect on their experience of shopping for their wedding outfits…
    Back in April, we launched a competition to win a wedding with Thomson. But this wasn’t just any old wedding. In an industry first, we lined up a wedding package at the Athena Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus, with 5 key elements – colour and theme, the bride’s dress, the bridesmaids’ dresses, the stag and hen do’s, and the first dance song – to be picked by you, our blog readers and Facebook community.
    Natalie and Kriss were chosen as our winning couple, and with our headsets on and clipboards in hand (okay, so we may have watched The Wedding Planner a few too many times…), we’ve already started organising their big day in September with your help. So, how are they feeling about it all? And what’s it been like to be the most famous engaged couple in the UK after Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan?

    In a series of posts over the coming months, we’re going to be hearing from the Mr-and-Mrs-to-be, to get both sides of the story. This week, we find out if shopping for the wedding outfits has been smooth sailing…

    She says…

    “On the day of the wedding dress shopping, I set off for Northampton with my mum and my sister, Rachael (who is also one of my bridesmaids), with visions of sweaty changing rooms and getting stuck in a dress. We got lost a few times on the way, which didn’t help my nerves, but finally we arrived and met the Thomson ladies in Camellia Bridal.

    When I came out in the first dress, my mum cried. Not because of the dress, necessarily, but because I was wearing a wedding dress. I tried on about 5 in total, and loved 2 of them. They were totally different. One was very plain, and the other was quite sparkly.

    After lunch, we headed to the second shop – A Bride’s World. The first dress I tried on was gigantic… I couldn’t resist. I could hardly move in it, but it was good for a giggle. The next few I tried on were beautiful, and exactly how I’d pictured my wedding dress to be. The tears came again when I came out from behind the curtain wearing The One.
    I knew it was the winner because Rachael cried. She never cries.
    We then experimented with veils, shrugs and shoes, and finally headed back to A Bride’s World where I tried on the whole outfit for the last time. We discussed where it would be adjusted and snipped here and there, then we were done. We celebrated with a cheeky glass of Champers, and I left with my whole outfit and the biggest smile ever.”


    He says…

    What can I say? The public’s support so far has been great, and the choices that Thomson’s Facebook community have made are matching what we were hoping for, thankfully.
    So far, suit shopping has been a bit of a nightmare, as every time I find a suit I like, it turns out it’s not in stock – it’s driving me crazy! But I’m determined to find one that’ll be perfect for our wedding.

    The stag and hen do choices still have to be decided, and I’m hoping everyone picks well! I can’t wait ‘til our big day now.”

    Check back in a couple of weeks for the next instalment from Natalie and Kriss, when we’ll find out what their kids think about it all and meet the wedding party…

Author: El Berwick