Meet The #YourBigDay Finalists: Natalie & Kriss

“Finally, we’re introducing our third duo hoping to win a wedding in Cyprus”

Let’s give a warm welcome to Natalie and Kriss…

  • Meet The #YourBigDay Finalists: Natalie & Kriss

    Finally, we’re introducing our third duo hoping to win a wedding in Cyprus. Let’s give a warm welcome to Natalie and Kriss…

    If you’ve read all about couples 1 and 2, you’ll want to meet the last couple with their fingers firmly crossed, having reached the final 3 in our ‘Your Big Day From Thomson’ competition. The prize up for grabs is a wedding package at the Athena Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus, so the stakes are high! Over to Natalie and Kriss…


    Natalie says… “Winning this competition would mean the world to us. We’re both ex-Army soldiers who met in Canada on exercise – it all started when Kriss bought me a hot chocolate. We got engaged on a hot, dusty and emotional tour of Iraq, where we sadly lost a few friends along the way. During our time in the Army we never had the time to get married, and since leaving we haven’t been able to afford to, despite trying to save up.

    We have 2 beautiful boys and would love to make our little family official. Kriss has signed back up to join the Army to provide some security for us, and we’d like to head back to Germany together – we were based over there and we really miss our friends – but I can only follow him there if we’re married.

    We’ve always dreamed of a wedding abroad by the beach, as I had to move from Cornwall, where I’m from, to Kriss’ hometown of Derby – far away from the seaside. It really would be our perfect wedding.”



    When I found out I was one of the 3 finalists I… didn’t believe Kriss when he told me. Then I said ‘OMG, OMG, OMG!’ and did a crazy jig. Then I had to triple check. I still pinch myself every day. We never win more than a £1 on the lottery.

    Our first date… wasn’t very romantic. I’d just finished a Corporal’s meeting and was heading out with colleagues to a local German pub, when Kriss begged me for him to tag along to buy me a drink. I was still in my work suit, and we ended up staying ‘out, out’, talking and dancing all night.

    I knew Kriss was the one when… we were in Iraq. One evening we heard explosions shaking the ground close to us, and he grabbed my arm as the sirens started and ran me to shelter. We saw the rockets exploding around us, so he pushed me to the floor, shielded me, and talked to me constantly to reassure me that we’d be ok and that he loved me.

    My first thoughts after getting engaged were… what does my name sound like with Kriss’ last name and what would my initials spell out?! Then I thought, ‘Crikey, we have some stories to tell the grandkiddies’.

    Love is… definitely a rollercoaster – crazy ups and downs, exciting, and can sometimes make you sick… love-sick and sick and tired. Only joking.

    The best holiday I ever had was… coming back home from Iraq. You never appreciate England until you’re not there.

    I can’t wake up without… one of the boys crawling around on my bed. Love it.

    If I could only ever listen to one song for the rest of my life… I wouldn’t cope. But if I had to choose it would be either something ‘dancy’ or the fab 80s. So, because Kriss has a bromance for Kevin Bacon it would have to be Footloose – a mixture of both.

    My guilty pleasure is… a bit of peace and quiet. Sneaking away for an extra-long toilet break, just to have some much-needed silence from my beautiful, crazy boys. Only 2 minutes, that’s all.

    Please vote for us because… we desperately need a brilliant change of luck and a nice start to the rest of our lives as a complete family for our boys. And also so that our future is clearer, and it’s possible for us to follow Kriss back to our roots and friends in the Army.



    When I found out I was one of the 3 finalists I… was gobsmacked that we’d made it this far. We entered the competition on the off-chance, not even thinking that we’d make it in to the last 3 with so many people entering the competition.

    We met… in August 2007 over a hot chocolate. My friend and I bought a round of coffees from the café while we were on a training exercise in Canada. I insisted to my friend that I wanted to hand Natalie the drink so that I could talk to her.

    I knew Nat was ‘the one’ when… she’d left Iraq, leaving me out there to finish the remainder of the operational tour. We’d survived a war zone together, and when she left I was broken and realized that I’d found my soul mate, my best friend, and my future wife.

    The proposal happened… while I was back on a 2-week R&R from Iraq. I knew I didn’t have much time to prepare things, so I asked her parents for her hand in marriage. I popped the question at Nat’s birthday dinner, and the answer was ‘yes’.

    The most important part of a wedding is… to have your friends and family there to share the amazing time with you, and to make it a day nobody forgets.

    Romance is… doing that out-of-the-blue thing when your partner isn’t expecting it – like taking her out to that restaurant she’s talked about, or just running her a bath after a hard day’s work. Or telling her that I love her and she’s beautiful every day, even though she refuses to believe it.

    My dream destination is… the Dominican Republic. I travelled there on holiday in 2005 with my family just before I joined the Army – the country is so beautiful and there are some amazing places to see. I hope to take Natalie and my boys away there one day.

    You’ll never find me without… one of my children’s toys in my hand, or in fact one of my children. Every day they keep me on my toes, but that’s one thing I’d never change.

    If I could have one superpower it would be… the ability to turn myself invisible, so that when it comes to playing hide-and-seek with the boys I’d win every game against them, haha!

    Not many people know this, but… I’d always fancied Nat from the moment I saw her back in 2006, walking across the vehicle park on camp in her coveralls, all dirty and greasy. She was a vehicle technician and worked on my tank.

    Vote for us because… we’ve been through thick and thin together, from being in a war zone and losing friends, to being on the opposite sides of the world for months on end. So it would be nice if you guys could vote for us and make our dream day come true. Pretty please!

    To vote for the couple you’d like to win, head over to the Thomson Facebook page and click ‘Like’ on the photo of your favourite duo. You’ve got ‘til Sunday 1st June to cast your vote!

Author: El Berwick