Meet The #YourBigDay Finalists: Kayleigh & Tristan

“It’s time to reveal the second couple in the running to win a wedding in Cyprus”

Let’s meet Kayleigh and Tristan…

  • Meet The #YourBigDay Finalists: Kayleigh & Tristan

    It’s time to reveal the second couple in the running to win a wedding in Cyprus. Let’s meet Kayleigh and Tristan…

    Fresh from announcing the first shortlisted couple in our ‘Your Big Day From Thomson’ competition, here’s the second pair hoping to become Mr and Mrs at the Athena Beach Hotel in Paphos, Cyprus. Introducing Kayleigh and Tristan…


    Kayleigh says… “Tristan and I are best friends. We’re soul mates (without meaning to get too soppy about it!). Together for 6 years and engaged for 3, we’re that couple you’d probably hate. Friends say Tristan is the male version of me, and when we tell people we’ve never had an argument they look at us like we’re aliens (of course, planning a wedding might well change that… or maybe it’ll just never get planned, as we’re far too laid back!).

    Winning a wedding would be amazing, and having close family with us would be fantastic, although with 8 spaces we might have to leave the mother-in-law behind… (that’s a joke of course – I’m lucky that she’s lovely!).

    I think one of the reasons we work so well as a couple is our strange sense of humour. We’re considered, according to friends, as kind and compassionate people, and we love to make others smile. Giving our family a ticket to our wedding would certainly do that – it would be a dream come true. A perfect day with our loved ones, not to mention logistical heaven!

    And if I haven’t quite won you over yet, there’s also the fact that the only thing I’ve ever won is a cress-growing set. Tristan’s slightly luckier of course, because he won me… (the poor man could really do with a holiday!).”



    When I found out I was one of the 3 finalists I… was so excited, I rang Tristan and then my mum to tell them the brilliant news!

    For our first date we… went to a Spanish restaurant. Tristan had a seafood paella – the whole baby squid complete with tentacles almost put me off! However, after a few glasses of red wine I almost forgot about his dinner choices, and we enjoyed a fun evening complete with dancing to live Cuban music.

    I knew Tristan was ‘the one’ when… we spent our first long weekend together. I saw his kind and considerate qualities, we laughed so much, and I didn’t want the weekend to end.

    My first thoughts after getting engaged were… I can’t really repeat what I said initially on the day, but it was such a shock so you can probably imagine! After a stern ‘well?’ from Tristan and I’d said ‘yes’, I was overwhelmed with happiness.

    Love is… finding someone who encourages you to be who you are.

    The best holiday I ever had… was visiting an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. It was an amazing experience. Some of the elephants’ stories were heart-breaking, but seeing them happy in a safe environment, and having the chance to help look after them was amazing. I hope to volunteer there again one day.

    I can’t wake up without… Tristan bringing me a cup of tea. It’s the main reason I’m marrying him…

    If I could only ever listen to one song for the rest of my life it would be… ‘One Love’ by Bob Marley. It never fails to makes me smile. I love the effect the song has on people. Play it anywhere, at any time, and people will smile and move their feet.

    My guilty pleasure is… films about dancing. My friends and I have been to every dance class going. Ballet was a very embarrassing experience – it looks a lot easier in the films than it actually is! I don’t think we’ll be on stage any time soon.

    Vote for us because… we’d love the opportunity to surprise our friends and family with a trip to Cyprus. They are so important to us, it would be a dream come true to have them share our special day with us, and in a beautiful Cypriot resort! Even better!



    When I found out I was one of the 3 finalists I… yelled, “No way!” in a quiet office. I then realized everyone was staring at me, so I took the remainder of the call outside. I just couldn’t believe it.

    We met… at a mutual friend’s birthday meal. Elise (the mutual friend) said that she sat Kayleigh and I next to one another as we had a very similar, although strange, sense of humour. We didn’t stop laughing all night. Beautiful and funny is a rarity.

    I knew Kayleigh was ‘the one’ when… she surprised me with a weekend away for my birthday. I’d mentioned it about a year before. I couldn’t believe she remembered.

    The proposal happened… in a wood close to where I live, as Kayleigh loves bluebells. I made her a picnic of all her favourite things, blindfolded her and took her to a dense bluebell-filled area, then when she took off the blindfold and turned around, there I was on one knee. After a few expletives, she said ‘yes’!

    The most important part of a wedding is… family and close friends being able to share our day with us.

    Romance is… making time for one another, spontaneity and the little things, like notes dotted about the house. And flowers now and again. I believe it’s good to let your partner know when you’re thinking about them.

    My dream destination is… anywhere off of the beaten track to experience the culture and local life. Sunshine would be nice, too.

    You’ll never find me without… headphones. I’m a big music fan and whenever I get the chance I love to listen to my favourite songs.

    If I could have one superpower it would be… the ability to fly. This would save time in the morning, however my  irrational fear of heights might be a problem.

    Not many people know this, but… I’m scared of sharks because a jellyfish once scared me in the sea! Hmm, that makes sense right?!

    Vote for us because… we’d love to win! And if the planning is in the hands of the public I might escape a visit from ‘Bridezilla’! I’ve heard they’re dangerous…

    To vote for the couple you’d like to win, head over to the Thomson Facebook page and click ‘Like’ on the photo of your favourite duo. You’ve got ‘til Sunday 1st June to cast your vote!

Author: El Berwick