Introducing The New MyThomson iPhone App

“We’re rolling out the red carpet for our all-singing”

all-dancing travel app… …

  • Introducing The New MyThomson iPhone App

    We’re rolling out the red carpet for our all-singing, all-dancing travel app… 

    What on earth did we do before the creation of apps? All our tricky daily dilemmas are taken care of, such as what we should have for breakfast (search MyFitnessPal app for calorie content of Danish pastry, put down Danish pastry), which train will get us to work on time (check thetrainline app, move quicker), and where we can buy an outfit for this weekend’s wedding (peruse ShopStyle app, keep quiet about amount spent). It makes life that little bit easier, right? With that in mind, we realised that one of these nifty apps had the power to make your holiday experience with us – once you’re all booked – even more enjoyable. Daily weather forecast? Check. Destination guides? Check. That all-important countdown timer you can share with friends and family, and make them crazy with jealousy? Massive check. We’re also here to help before, during and after your holiday – just use the handy list of contact details. So, here’s an in-a-nutshell guide to our shiny new MyThomson app, and its top 5 features…


    1) Holiday summary and flight details

    Flight details, check-in information and holiday schedules all in one place, instead of scattered over countless bits of paper that are bound to go astray? Stress-free travelling, here we come.


    2) Shareable weather forecast and countdown timer

    It’s standard practise to brag about your sunshine break when spread-eagled on your sunlounger, but why not start even earlier? The number of days, hours, minutes and, yes, even seconds, ’til you jet off to balmier climes – and we think friends and family definitely need to know exactly how much balmier – can be shared on Facebook or Twitter via the app… then just watch the green-eyed comments come piling in.


    3) Hotel details and destination guide

    A bit like checking out the menu online before you eat out, doing your homework in advance will save you valuable time once you arrive. Pick which spot you’re going to command by the pool, hunt down the best seafood restaurant in town, and generally just gaze at the holiday heaven that awaits.


    4) Holiday extras and excursions

    Save precious pennies by getting exclusive deals on holiday essentials, including car hire and foreign currency, and choose which excursions are going to lure you from your poolside position. Booking ahead of time will give you that ‘I’m on top of things’ glow, rather than the ‘how on earth am I going to get everything done?’ blind panic that usually wins out. Or if a certain excursion takes your fancy when you get there, you can book from your beach towel.


    5) Getting to the airport

    Bags are packed, paper’s been cancelled, kids are safely strapped in… now, which way to the airport? Plan ahead by mapping out the best route by car, or check out coach or rail options. You can also bag great deals on airport parking, hotels and lounges, so you’ll breeze through Departures with just one over-riding feeling. Excitement.

    Click here to download the new MyThomson iPhone app.
    Check out our short video which shows why the MyThomson app is the perfect one-stop-shop accessory for your holiday:

    Please note: The MyThomson App is exclusively for customers who have booked their holiday directly with Thomson either online, over the phone, or in store. It is currently compatible with iPhone 4 and above with an operating system of iOS 5.1 or later.
    Tell us, will you be downloading the MyThomson app before your holiday?

Author: El Berwick