5 Great Ways To Capture Your Wedding Day

“After months of planning your wedding, you’ll want to remember every second of it”

Wedding Ideas Editor, Jade Pearson, picks out 5 ways to document your big day……

  • 5 Great Ways To Capture Your Wedding Day

    After months of planning your wedding, you’ll want to remember every second of it. Wedding Ideas Editor, Jade Pearson, picks out 5 ways to document your big day…

    1) A great photographer

    The most obvious way to capture your day is through a top-class photographer. Many couples put this supplier at the top of their all-important list, because it’s their photos that will be put up on the walls and shared with friends and family forever. You photographer is the best source for staged shots, although it’s important to get candid snaps, too. One thing many real brides regret is not getting a photo with just their mum – a priceless picture.

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    2) A brilliant videographer

    Photos are great for still pictures of you and your guests, but there’s nothing quite like hearing emotion as well as seeing it. Videography allows you to hear your guests mingling, making jokes, laughing and generally enjoying your day. After the wedding you’ll see bits of the day you might have otherwise missed, and guests can leave you messages that you can see for the first time after the wedding (including some guests that are a little worse for wear).

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    3) A photo booth

    For outrageously funny photos, there’s nothing better than a photo booth. With guests armed with a number of silly and oversized props, and a few drinks to prevent any inhibitions, photo booths and weddings are meant for each other. The beauty of the photo booth is that you can get personalised instant prints for your guests to keep, plus copies for them to stick in a guest book along with their well wishes – something great for you and your hubby to read through during your honeymoon.


    4) Disposable cameras

    There’s nothing quite like the element of surprise, which is something that disposable cameras can provide. They’re great for many reasons – they’re cheap, document your day in a sort of ‘backstage’ style so you can catch up on bits you missed, and they can also entertain guests of all ages on your table during the meal. Then, you collect them all up after the wedding with no idea what’s been captured, only to have the complete surprise when you get them developed. Brilliant.

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    5) Marry-oke

    ‘What on earth is that?’, I hear you cry. Well, this new trend is taking the wedding world by storm. A mix of videography and karaoke in one, it’s a fun twist on traditional wedding videos. The couple choose the track they want for their day – from Michael Jackson through to the Spice Girls – and then on the day the videographers capture the wedding with the soundtrack over the top, including clips of the bride, groom and guests singing the song. You can’t hear any singing, you can only see people singing their hearts out with the music dubbed over the top. It looks hilarious and is a really unique way of capturing your day.

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    How will you be capturing your big day?

Author: El Berwick