10 Top Tips For Weddings Abroad

“Wedding and honeymoon experts Thomson answer your FAQs about tying the knot overseas”

“Wedding and honeymoon experts Thomson”

answer your FAQs about tying the knot overseas…

  • 10 Top Tips For Weddings Abroad

    1 Can I take my dress on the plane?

    Yes, it needs to be packaged to the right size. We work with a company called Life Memories Boxes that make wedding dress travel boxes that fit in with airline guidelines.

    2 Can I take table details with me?

    If you want something specific, then yes, but our wedding team can also organise this for you – then you’ll have more space in your luggage!

    3 Can I choose readings to say?

    Most of our hotels and venues allow poems and readings to be added to the ceremony, which is a great way of personalising your day and make it memorable for your guests.

    4 Do you offer church weddings?

    Anglican Church services are legal in Cyprus, and recognised in the UK. We have a number of locations where religious ceremonies can take place.

    5 Do you have any offers if a group of our guests book through Thomson?

    We have a bride and groom incentive scheme, which gives our couples free gifts when they get friends and families to book with us. The more people book, the higher the gift value.

    6 What time of year should we choose?

    This is a tricky question to answer unless you have a specific destination in mind. Our popular months for places like Greece and Cyprus are May, June and September.

    7 Can I get married on the beach?

    Some countries do not allow weddings on the beach because they are not private property, but often you can have the ceremony close by. We do offer beach weddings in Jamaica.

    8 Will I have too much luggage?

    If you book a Thomson Wedding, we give our couples 5kg of extra luggage each free of charge if you are on board one of our planes, for things like outfits, shoes and accessories. There will be plenty of space for all your essentials!

    9 How can I theme my wedding?

    Many couples use the country they’ve chosen as inspiration. For example, Prosecco instead of Champagne in Italy, a rum cake in Jamaica and a Mariachi band in Mexico!

    10 Can we renew our vows on our anniversary abroad?

    Yes! We offer them in many different destinations around the globe – take a look at our brochure to find the perfect place for you.

Author: Osman Khan