Why Everyone’s Talking About These 4 Iceland Hotels

“Reykjavik is THE holiday destination on everyone’s lips right now”

so we’ve drilled down to find the hottest places to stay in Iceland’s oh-so-cool capital……

  • Why Everyone’s Talking About These 4 Iceland Hotels

    Reykjavik is THE holiday destination on everyone’s lips right now, so we’ve drilled down to find the hottest places to stay in Iceland’s oh-so-cool capital…

    Trendy bars. Jaw-dropping scenery. An obligatory beer and hot dog diet. It’s no wonder the number of visitors to Iceland is thought to have grown by 23% this year. To help you get the most out of it, we’ve scoured the city for the very best hotels. Here’s why you’ll love these fab four…

    1. The New Party Pad – Centerhotel Thingholt

    Reykjavik’s bars and pubs are all really close together and staying at Centerhotel Thingholt puts you right in the, erm, centre of them. Trendy bar-club B5, lively music pub Celtic Cross and laidback Laundromat are literally just footsteps from this place.

    The hotel is part of our Scene Style range. So not only does it have all the best bars within mere footsteps, it looks straight out of a design magazine, too. As you walk down the steps from the entrance to reception, you’ll feel like a VIP arriving at a chic nightclub. It’s all glass panels, low-level lighting and sleek leather sofas. Add this to the cow-skin rugs and roaring fire and you’ve got a super cosy hangout. Oh, and happy hour is between 5 and 7pm. Pre-party drinks, anyone?

    2. The Best Sausages And Beer In Town – Fosshotel

    Reykjavik’s chefs are most talented for 2 things – creative Nordic cuisine and the ability to turn a hot dog into a gourmet meal. When you stay at Fosshotel, you get both, without even having to leave the building.

    Haust is its fine dining restaurant, where dishes like Icelandic scallops, salted cod and wild duck are on the menu. As you’d expect, they’re all beautifully laid out by a talented team of chefs. Then, you’ve got the Beer Garden, which is actually indoors and comes with its very own sausage bar. But we’re not talking any old sausages. There’s one that comes loaded with chilli marmalade and melted black pepper cheese. Then another with honey-sautéed dates, duck and bacon. But what about the beer, you might be asking? Well, they’ve got the largest selection of taps in the country, and they’re pulled by expert bartenders who can recommend one to match your sausage of choice.

    3. The Spa You Won’t Want To Leave – Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura

    You can chill out – and warm up – in style at this hotel. Calming mood-lighting and candles provide a relaxing vibe in its spa, where you’ll find a large heated pool, a sauna and a hot tub. And in case that doesn’t thaw you out quite enough, they’ve thrown in an open fireplace surrounded by sofas where you can snuggle up in a robe and slippers. Sign up for a treatment and you’ll be scrubbed, preened and pampered with products packed full of Icelandic herbs and essential oils. Basically, you can expect to come out smelling lovelier than a Lush shop.

    4. The Staff Are Awesome – Storm Hotel

    Take a peek on TripAdvisor and you’ll see that in review after review, guests are raving about the Storm Hotel’s staff. Need to book a table for dinner, find out what’s on at Café Rosenburg tonight, or just borrow a hairdryer? This team of Icelandic experts have it covered. Exactly what you need to get the most out of the city.

    The hotel scores highly on other accounts, too. It opened just a couple of months ago so everything still has that fresh-out-of-the-box feel. The big buffet breakfasts will have you fuelled and ready for the day, while the bar is just the place for a nightcap. Plus, it’s really centrally-located, just 5 minutes’ walk from the main shopping street.

    P.S Don’t miss your Free Excursions

    Stay at any Thomson Reykjavik hotel and you’ll get 2 excursions thrown in for free. On your first night, you’ll be whisked off to search the skies for the elusive Northern Lights. Then the next day, you’ll set out on what’s called the Golden Circle Tour. This ticks off the Thingvellir National Park, where you’ll spy the country’s biggest lake, Gullfoss, Iceland’s version of the Niagara Falls, and a giant erupting geyser.

    Which of these hotels takes your fancy? Book your own Icelandic adventure here and see what else you can get up

Author: Sarah Robinson