Top Food Festivals From Around The World

“Food, glorious food”

Yep, we all love nothing more than stuffing our faces with the finest culinary treats – and worrying about the calories later…

  • Top Food Festivals From Around The World

    Food, glorious food. Yep, we all love nothing more than stuffing our faces with the finest culinary treats – and worrying about the calories later. So here’s a round-up of our favourite food festivals from around the globe…

    Great British Food Festival

    Where better to start than good old Blighty? After decades of haughty snorts of derision from our continental counterparts, the British food scene is finally thriving. The Great British Food Festival is a celebration of everything tasty about Britain. Running from July to September, it sees over 80 of the country’s top local and artisan producers come together to showcase their best stomach-rumbling treats. Throw in a generous helping of real ale and wine bars, kids’ cookery lessons and chef demos from the likes of Great British Bake Off finalists Howard Middleton and Luis Troyano, and Masterchef’s Luke Owen. Serve with excellent live music for a family day out.

    San Miniato’s Truffle Fair

    Tuscany – think rolling hills, lush vineyards and the leaning tower of Pisa. But it’s also home to San Miniato, a small town in the Pisa province, which plays host to its own Truffle Fair each year. Widely regarded a delicious and rare delicacy, over 25 percent of Italy’s white truffles are produced here. So, on the second, third and fourth weekends in November, the town comes alive to celebrate. Expect theatre performances, displays, fine dining in palazzi and restaurants, and even marching bands.


    National Gastronomy Festival

    Why not enjoy the delights of authentic Portuguese cuisine at the nation’s standout occasion for foodies, the National Gastronomy Festival? Beginning over 30 years ago as a friendly gathering of just a handful of restaurateurs from neigbouring provinces, the Santarém festival, spanning October and November, is now serious business. Feast on freshly-smoked ham and sample regional cheeses. Finish off with almond and cinnamon cakes and Pasteis de Nata, delicious little custard cakes. Best leave the belt at home…

    Orotina Fruit Festival

    Found at the foot of the Avocado Mountains, Orotina is perfectly placed for a fruit festival. A typical agricultural Costa Rican town, the ‘City of Fruits’ attracts visitors from around the world who flock each March to enjoy open-air fruit markets, parties, a horse parade and many other festivities in honour of its agricultural heritage. Who said a food festival couldn’t be healthy? Blokes will want to ensure they arrive in time for the Miss International Fruits Pageant, in which 10 young women from Alajuela province compete for the crown.


    La Tomatina

    This one comes with a slight difference to the rest. Food very much remains the focal point of this Spanish festival. The only difference is, it’s less about eating and more about the childish fun of throwing it. Buñol plays host to one of the world’s largest food fights, La Tomatina, a long-standing tradition that’s taken place since 1945. Goggle up and join thousands of revellers who flock from all over the globe to chuck over 150,000 tomatoes at each other from trucks and buckets lining the streets. Catch it on the last Wednesday of August each year.

    Which foodie festival would you pick?

Author: Chris Rolinson