Top 10 Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

“If you’re after some travel inspiration, check out these Instagram accounts that deliver it in spades”

  • Top 10 Travel Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

    If you’re after some travel inspiration, check out these Instagram accounts that deliver it in spades…
    Instagram and travel were made for each other. Not only does it allow us to document our own trips, we can also live vicariously through others’ jet-setting ways. Whittling down our list of the best feeds to follow to just 10 was no mean feat, such is the sheer number of wanderlust-inducing Intagrammers out there. But we did the leg-work – losing a blissful afternoon to it in the process – and we hope you’ll enjoy scrolling through this talented bunch’s shots as much as we did…
    1) @hirozzzz – Japanese photographer, Hiroaki Fukuda, shares beaches, mountains, countryside and cityscapes in all seasons. If his Instagram feed doesn’t give you itchy feet, nothing will – it’s mind-blowingly beautiful.

    2) @zakshelhamer – Follow Zak on his adventures around the world, capturing the kind of moments that make you smile even though you weren’t there. He’s a dab hand at making you wish you were in the great outdoors right alongside him.

    3) @aladyinlondon – London isn’t the grey city everyone thinks it is. Just ask Julie. She makes the capital jump out of our screens, and treats every other place she snaps with the same respect. Her blog is a must, too.

    4) @eljackson – Samuel Taipale is the epitome of cool, and his shots are bordering on otherworldly. Word of warning: once you start scrolling through his pics, you’ll be there ‘til next Tuesday.

    5) @zachspassport – Zach Glassman is a polyglot (a master of several languages) – so he’s already a fascinating guy. He’s based out of New York City, so if you’re a fan of the Big Apple, prepare to fall in love all over again.

    6) @_nataliefay_ – Natalie is a food blogger on an around-the-world journey with her partner, Cliff. Funny, inspiring, mouth-watering stuff.

    7) @parisinfourmonths – The whole ‘Paris in Four Months’ idea didn’t really work out, seeing as Stockholm native, Carin, ended up moving there permanently. Stalk her page and you’ll see why – it’s a daily reminder of why the City of Lights is always a good idea.

    8) @theplanetd – This Canadian couple have travelled to 7 continents together, and brought it to us in a gallery-worthy series of snapshots. Travelling to far-flung corners of the world has never looked so appealing.

    9) @drewkelly – Andrew lives in North Korea and his feed gives us a rare glimpse into the one of the most isolated countries on the planet. His storytelling is as gripping as his pictures.

    10) @mistersullivan – Originally from Wales, Michael now resides in Gloucestershire, documenting the charms of the UK. And he does a mighty fine job of it. He also captures his jaunts abroad, but it’s the Cotswold cottages and East Sussex seaside we have a soft spot for.


    Which travel Instagram accounts do you follow?

Author: El Berwick